Negativity and Passive Agression in the Community

Negativity and Passive Agression

Lately I’ve noticed a large number of passive aggression and serious negativity within the community.

I never post or create on the forums with the intent to offend anyone or stir up drama, in fact; I loathe drama and advocate for Anti-drama.

Despite carrying around these standards, I’ve still been harassed and made to feel bad by others. I rarely ever respond and either flag the comments, but that doesn’t change the fact they get to me.

But this isn’t just about me!

I know others in the community has received this treatment and want nothing to do with drama. But sometimes it’s hard avoiding negativity especially when you’re looking for answers and solving issues at hand.

I think as a community we need to fight harder against aggression of all forms and be more mature.

If you’re one of the people who are spreading the negativity, i ask of you to:

  • Have Empathy

Before you write your message think of what you’d feel or how you’d react if you’re the person on the other end and you received that message.

  • Maturity

Is making someone feel bad truly worth it? It’s it worth the time and harassment?

  • Common ground

Find a common ground. Understand where they’re coming from in a polite and non passive aggressive manner.

  • Patience

I know sometimes you just want let it out all out and body slam some of these immature people on the forums, but please hold your tongue and figure out how to settle the situation before escalating it!

To The Community!

Flag negativity! Save the drama for the PM’s! If you’re upset or feel like the victim, contact a moderator or flag the post! You trying to communicate with the harasser might lead to you feeling even worse. Don’t put yourself through that. Let them bathe in their ignorance. Be the bigger person!

Lately these groups of people have been BAD and it needs to stop.

I’ve become accustomed to the positivity and groups of great people on the forums so it comes across as shocking when I see someone so hostile! and there’s a lot of these people

We need to fix this!

To the Moderators!

I just wanted to say thank you for everything you’ve done and the roles you’ve played in the community! You’re hero’s! :sob:

I think we should be able to flag or report accounts Incase said account continues harassment against a singular person or in multiples. A block option would be nice too!

Let me know down below if you have any suggestions on what we can to do to fight against harassment!

If you have any experiences or stories to shares, please share them. Others might relate to you and you can express your feelings with people in the same situation!

Thank you again!


Here’s one of my most recent experiences:

So this girl made this topic asking for story suggestions.
People started spamming story advertisements and I politely told them the thread wasn’t a promote your story one.
This girl I didn’t know just went ham on me and flipped out saying people can promote their stories and that I’m being rude.
I decided the message her privately because I felt she didn’t make sense and that her attack might be personal. I wanted to fix the situation.
Long story short:
After me telling her to stop messaging me and that I didn’t want any drama:
She admits she didn’t like me because she didn’t like my story…
Like sis.

Lmao. This is the level of immaturity I’m talking about.

Before you guys attacking someone, get to know them.


That’s why I’m not getting involved in any part of drama or rudeness. I’m too old for this.
If I see something I simply flag it or send a message to moderators.
I think texting people back creates even more drama.
And I wish that people would take their problems to the PM… :roll_eyes:


Sometimes there’s not point in arguing with someone online.
Your obviously not going to change their mind.
At this point, it’s just sending hateful messages back and forth.
So flagging and ignoring is the best option!


And @ZADDY remember you can always flag PM message too :grin:


first bookmarked post. Love it

I actually left the forums because of PI and drama. Crazy and immature. Thanks for this post!


this is a forum, people, smh!

Not “Real Episode Wives of Atlanta”… or something :joy:

Just the amount of drama in art groups is crazyyyy! That’s why I don’t do any group art, unless it’s with close friends… can’t take it!


Keeping up with the episode forums :joy:


Rofl :joy:


Aye, Zaddy.
Isn’t you who created a thread and exposed a girl who didn’t do a proper story review?
She was in a group I think.


But not for harassment purposes.
I was just asking the forums for help to see if the review was fake.
Wasn’t starting drama

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And it wasn’t even someone on the forums.
It was instagram lmao

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another reason is definitely people exposing PRIVATE conversations and bring their drama to THREADS when they can PM the person. also smh that troll account that got suspended for being rude a few months ago :woman_facepalming:


I have doubt when she did mine, But I wasn’t really 100% sure.
So I ask privately and she been honest with me.

I didn’t share our conversation. The poor girl must be embarrassed enough :sweat_smile:

I argued with another one, this time I was sure she was fake but she kept deny it :anguished:


I agree with everything - why do we even have drama?? Anyway - I’m going to post an event that happened, and I’m asking for whoever that reads this - please don’t copy them and please try to stop the disease to this bootiful place.


Okay, so I have an art thread, and I was on hiatus for a day.
One day only.
And when I came back, I found that someone requested on the thread.
And then, some art group replied to the request and were like, “Episode Blah Blah can help you. Only fifteen minutes if online.” And the whole group summary.
Of course, I was like, what the heck?!
So I contacted the person, and guess what?
The person went all bananas and said that I don’t have the right to say that.
She got reported.


So, please do not advertise your art groups anywhere except when they actually ask you, or in private.

Thank you!
(Oh, and sorry for the long butt post. I just couldn’t help it!)


sometimes, i try very hard to keep my temper cool, and usually i’m pretty good at that until someone hurts someone i care about. I once got into a huge fight with a bitch who bullied my little brother and 3 of my friends had to hold me back lmao (no regrets)

But I usually blame my ethnicity, I’m an African American / Latina, so my friends have described me as crazy. which is true, i won’t lie

Eh, maybe I am a lil short-tempered. But it’s only when it comes to people I care about


You can mute users by adding their username to the mute field in your account settings. Screenshot here. :smiley:


It’s cause sometimes PM’s doesn’t work and they just keep going like they have no brain

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Lol there just people behind a screen

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This isn’t drama that I was ever part of, but this WHOLE thread is a mess and it’s funny as fuck