Neha's Weekly Discussion #2: Life Lessons!

You know how the drill goes.
I hope everyone is doing lovely! This week the discussion topic is life lessons. The thought of them crossed my mind earlier last week when I was thinking about what to choose.
What are some life lessons you’ve learned? How have you learned them? How have they impacted you and/or others?
HUGE SIDE NOTE: please don’t feel inclined to share anything too personal!! the question is open to interpretation. if you feel comfortable with sharing something, please do, I would love to hear about it! If not, no worries! xx
Happy discussing! And as always,
all the love,
Neha! :revolving_hearts:
my answer: I’ve learned several life lessons, a lot of them in the past few years. Learning life lessons are really tough, especially since most of them require going through some sort of trauma/suffering. When I lost my best friend, I had to learn to live without her, which was extremely hard. I struggled a lot. The lesson I learned is to never take things for granted and nothing stays the same forever. Also, to cherish what you have. I wasn’t friends with her any more but after a long time, I healed and learned to depend on other friends. I could go on, but it would be too boring! hahah
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Life lesson: Don’t date your best friend- unless yall know yall gone be together…

Me and my ex-

we were best friends in primary school (7-13? ages ish)
I confessed my feelings after I finished year 6 and went to highschool and she left the school the same year in year 4-

(she’s 2 years younger…)

I actually confessed to her while she was crying in a public bathroom because I was about to tell her my feelings and she had told me she loved a girl named chloe from her new school and I accidentally let out a disappointed sigh which she mistook as me not being supportive and ran off to the bathroom before I explained the reason I sighed-

We then dated long distance but she wasnt out at her school only mine new we were dating-

And we hadnt seen each other in months but when we finally get the chance to have a date (I was paying) she tells me at the start of the date… that a guy from school named tyler asked her out because he didnt know she was dating me and that she actually had a crush on him and had been dating him for the past month- whilst she was still dating me- didnt think to break it off with me… I’d have been fine if she told me over text at least cause long distance is understandable cause we wouldnt see each other to who knows how long-

We stayed friends, but she gets very uncomfortable now when I bring up jokes about it (I feel like we can joke out of it but she thinks I’m pinning it on ya… Like I’ll say “whoops my bad can you give me directions I forgot the way to the friendzone” lmfao… and she’ll keep apologizing and I feel bad…)

so it gets awkward-

you do say you’ll still be friends if you split but it gets a whole lot harder when you see them dating someone else when you still love them etc.


This is my first time joining this discussion I am grateful to be here
Life Lesson: Learn to find comfort in loneliness

You all know that there is a serious pandemic happening right now, The persons you’ll normally spend every moment with you barely see them speaking from experience I haven’t seen my friends in over 8 months so it gets lonely at times and I don’t really communicate over social media soo its difficult to keep in contact


Well…I’ve learned a lot. Last year, I pulled the chair prank on this one kid. He didn’t fall, and I did it without thinking. A lot of kids didn’t like him. After I did it, I regretted it (and still do.), It taught me to appreciate people more, and really made me see him as so much more of a talented and nice person.

Edit: It also made me more sensitive and aware of other people’s feelings.


Life lesson - Not to trust anyone easily

I was in 5th grade when my best friend joined the same tution I was in after a year’s break and we had two new admissions too. We all four became good friends and one of them had to leave the classes because her parents filed divorce. Me and my best friend openly took the other girl who was left alone after one of them left. She was so jealous of me and my best friend that she started manipulating her and at the end of second semester I broke off ties with them because my best friend had fully turned against me and that hurt like hell. This is not the first time I have been betrayed but I have been betrayed at least thrice :pensive:. From that time it’s difficult for me to let people inside, this three betrayals has made a big hole in my heart.

Bonus- My parents are against my dream, my goal and are expecting 90% in exams which is not possible for me. They are really really toxic. They always body shame me. I have pimples on my face due to dandruff and they always taunt me on that not only them each and every other person I have met taunts me and it makes me feel bad. My parents always compare me with other people and it just demotivates me. I can go on but I don’t want to make it boring. I just feel broken :pensive::sob:

Thank you for this thread it feels good to talk about my feelings. I am not usually open about my feelings because it is hard for me to open up but I am taking small steps.


The most important life lesson, I think, is finally knowing that something said will never have one meaning. No matter how you meant it, or how you said it, or how you intended it. People will view it differently, and it can impact people in so many ways. Positively and negatively. Something innocent can ruin someone’s day, and something small can have something lying awake at night thinking it meant something more. We are complex and stupid creatures that learned to walk and talk. We have stupid feelings that complicate our more complex lives. And of course, we seek complex meanings from everything around us. Nothing really is as simple as we’d like it to be. Realistically, we can’t just constantly think twice about what we say, it’s not realistic. Most things in life require an immediate reaction, and unfortunately, this leaves little time to think and reflect. Maybe one day in the future we all learn to communicate in a way that could have no alternative meaning, or where tone and syntax don’t exist and therefore everything is said as meant. But that would be a boring, uninteresting world, and so we pay the price of complicating our lives with the words around us.

Anyway, here’s James Charles.




hmm, I guess the most important life lesson I’ve learned is to appreciate people and to always treat people with kindness, even if you’re upset. people take others for granted, and that’s what eventually breaks friendships/relationships. also, it’s okay to say no to people. you don’t always have to say yes, and that was something I learned over the years. it’s okay to put yourself above others, it’s okay to take time to yourself. you don’t have to change yourself just to please others, and that’s definitely something that I’ve had to learn the hard way.


I have a lot of bad experience and I’ve learned from it.

1- Find a job.
Find a job is not hard. But it’s really hard when we cannot find the job that we want and the work that we can give full commitment. After I got a few jobs in the past 2019. I lost a job that I cannot do. It’s out of my ability and my skills. Then in 2019, I have a new job. should be a perfect job for me and I love it. But because of some people, I made the wrong decision until now I feel regret. But this year I still have a job. Is easier than before but the salary is not higher than the last time.

2- Trust in people
I hate to say this but- for the rest of my life, from childhood until now, even in this community. People keep lying to me and there is no royalty called “collage or friends”. I know cause I’ve been talk- meet- and working with them. Playing with people it’s not nice. That’s why if someone wants my help, they should do something for me first. Rather than I’ll be sad later. If scare to be hurt. Then we just keep distant ourselves.

3- Never ever give up on something that we love to do.
I’ve learned a lot of software, and I have a dean list every sem. Because I think I want to take a break from using the software, now I forgot how to use them. Now I want to bring all those skills back before I start lost interest in them. It’s such a waste if we just abandon them. For example in this community who write the story. I observe many authors who leave this community. If you love it. better not leave cause you maybe lose one of your skills, which mean writing skills. If you think you’re not good, then find some solution. In our life must-have solution to make us successful.


Ps> I know I have a talent and a great writer. I do trailer my own, edit, and drawing (not so perfect) but I don’t know why people said to me that I’m such a rude, insult, and so on… I give people advice, but sorry if my words sound harsh cause English is not my first language. I just type in from my heart and I even type some hidden message to make people’s hearts feel warm. To me, it’s better you look and think another side rather than think in a narrow mind and assume. That is bad. You never improve yourself if think in that way.

Side note

:point_up_2:t2: I got a harsh fan mail but don’t worry, I know how to handle them. Back to point [2].

That all from me. :broken_heart:


I learned to never trust anyone ever. I had my trust broken by people I never expected from . It really hurts me still. Also I learned that there are very few people who genuinely care. So I learned to give importance to only those people who genuinely care


I learned that you have to take chances. You’ll never be happy by just living in your comfort zone because the regret of not doing something outweighs anything that would happen by doing said thing. So if there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, just go for it. All of the things that can happen outside of your comfort zone can literally happen inside your comfort zone, so you’ve really got nothing to lose. Just think about how amazing things will be if you succeed and if you don’t, you have the experience of trying. This goes for pretty much anything in life, even something as small as telling someone you like them.

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Thanks for the tag!

Not taking anything for granted is definitely a good lesson. I remember how the sky turned orange on the west coast of America due to the fires a while ago. I really took having a blue sky for granted. People in China hadn’t seen such a clear sky since quarantine, since it was always polluted by the countless factories.

I think the lessons you remember are all learned through bitter experiences. I’ve learned how it’s useless to stress, since anxiety comes with a cost that bears no reward. Of course,that isn’t gonna stop me from stressing, but I can at least remember to try to take a step back whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed.

I hope everyone has a good day!

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I’m sorry everybody!! I thought I had replied to everyone (I did, but my replies never went through I guess!)
I only realized when I visited this thread and saw no one responses from me but just likes. I AM SO SORRY ONCE AGAIN. I promise I read through everyone’s replies and here are mine! x
@RJK- that’s a really good one. I dated one of my best friends and it RUINED our friendship. we’re still friends (by a tiny thread) but it’s not as good as it used to be. it never go back to the way it was!
I really do understand what you’re going through. it’s hard to see someone you love with someone else. It’s been three years for me, and I still struggle at times. If you ever need anyone to talk to, I’m here! :))
@SunniiClouds- that’s great to hear! welcome to the discussion :revolving_hearts:
You’re right, it’s hard to stay in contact with some friend, but if you do that’s good! I feel like during this pandemic, you could sense who your true friends are. like some of my friends didn’t even care to reach out to me but some did. It’s really refreshing in a way? I don’t know hahah

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Yeah like we’ll always be friends but now we dont even text- our parents literally arrange for us to meet like once every few years now

An important life lesson I’ve learned was to listen to what other people tell you about someone and consider what they’re saying.

I was friends with someone whom I thought I could trust for a little more than a year. I thought I could trust him, and I thought he cared about me just like I did for him. I told someone about him and the stuff he’d say and do, and this someone warned me to stop talking to him. They gave me evidence of why I shouldn’t. Yet, because I genuinely liked my friend and couldn’t believe anything this someone told me, I completely ignored everything.
Well, turns out that this someone was right. I learned the hard way that who I thought was my friend, wasn’t. Not even close. I was manipulated, to put it vaguely. If I would’ve listened to this someone before, I could’ve avoided what happened to me.

Now, I’m not saying that other people will be right when they talk about someone. They could always just be rude or jealous or whatnot. But if they present you with reasons why you shouldn’t talk to someone (that’s just an example), and they seem true no matter how much you like/love someone, consider what they are saying, at least.

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