Neha's Weekly Discussion #4: Pet Peeves!

Hey guys! I hope you are having a wonderful morning/night. I wanted to make this thread before I got too busy with schoolwork. Today’s discussion is about pet peeves! I was thinking about what to talk about and then this came into my head lol
What are your pet peeves? Why are those things your pet peeves?
My answer: Honestly, I don’t have that many pet peeves. I feel like the only one I can really think of off the top of my head is when people chew too loudly. I don’t know, my ears are sensitive I guess?? :joy:
Also, when I’m working on something, like writing or schoolwork and someone comes in, it always breaks my zen. (let me explain! before this gets confusing haha) When I work on something, I always listen to music because it helps me focus on what I’m doing. Plus, I get into my own little world of singing and just doing my work. When my mom or brother barges in, it breaks that and it’s annoying at times, especially when I’m almost done with an assignment for school and I have to find my focus all over again.

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1- CC in first chapter. All characters CC in first chapter. I’m out. Cause I don’t care about CC antually.
2- Directing. I’m more looking into advance directing. Even though it’s simple story. At least walking and zooming don’t have to be so slow. Cause it’s waste on reader times.

3- Advance English. I’m rather reader bad grammar than advance English that I don’t know the meaning. How I want to understand? There is no time I go check on google translate. (Well yeah, I’m not good in English but at least I understand the simple sentences.

4- Sex scene in first 3 chapters. I’m out!


Pet Peeve 1.

When somebody taps their pen/pencil on the desk when the class is extra quiet… like, why! You’re disrupting the silence, and now everyone’s got that ringing in their mind.

Pet Peeve 2.

When somebody borrows my pen, and they chew it :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. I can’t even explain this one for fear that I’ll spontaneously combust.

2 Likes Yes, all of these can get pretty annoying! (especially the CC one) I don’t really like CC, I would rather not have it. I think having a MC that isn’t customizable, helps the story to be better. I don’t know that’s just my opinion!!! And also, having sex within the first three chapters is a big oh-no-no for me :joy: (lol I don’t know if you got my reference)
@Jade135- ooo yeah chewing a pen is a good one (not a good thing but a good pet peeve to bring up!) I agree with you, it’s annoying and disgusting. i don’t get why people chew pens fafhdjfhsjafdalfhd

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Pet peeves:-

Being nagged - no need for an explanation just everyone hates being nagged periodt

People judging others - I hate this soo much. Like why do u care if she doesn’t have matching clothes? Does it hurt you? No? Then stfu

Leaving the empty milk carton in the fridge - No seriously whyyy??? Just throw it out bruh!

I’m not as salty as I may seem :joy:


My pet peeve is when people think that they are perfect, they can do anything right, that they are better then everyone else and when they think that they have no flaws. It drives me insane


LOL WE’RE TALKING ABOUT PET PEEVES WE ALL SOUND SALTY AF (but we seriously aren’t) :sweat_smile:
leaving empty milk in the fridge is just being lazy! throw it out dude ://


@Meghan2- that is so trueee. thankfully I don’t know many people like that in my life, but if I did it would drive me insane as well!!

The CC for MC is still okay for me but all characters. Nope.

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Yep me on the other hand is not so lucky. Plus as a bonus the most wannabe perfect person that I know is my stepmom, yay :frowning:

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My pet peeve is when someone talks a lot, make noises or disturb while I am imagining and writing stuffs. I get so angry that I am even ready to kill that person lol :joy: I have serious anger issues. Whenever my mom calls out for and I answer but she still calls my name, I get so angry that I throw a fight :joy:. Well I broke my iPhone glass in anger too. So yes, I don’t like it when people disturb me or hit a nerve.

Thanks for the tag! And nice topic, too.

Haha, same here! Another pet peeve of mine is poor grammar. But I mean, we all make silly mistakes anyways.

And I totally get what you’re talking about having your work flow being interrupted. Really sucks. It doesn’t happen during online school thankfully. Sometimes when I get interrupted playing piano, I just can’t resume (when I’m not using sheet music), since my muscle memory has been interrupted. It makes it harder to get back into the groove lol.


Yeah!! some stories make you customize your whole family, best friends, and other people. it’s a long process. :sweat_smile:

@Amphia- thank you! and of course x
Poor grammar, aghhhhh!!! that’s a good one.
Omg yeah me too!! when i used to play piano, I would face challenges like that as well! it happens with singing. when someone walks in while you’re playing ://

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Real World Pet Peeves

  • Loud Chewing

  • Having to repeat myself to gain someone’s attention.

Episode Pet Peeves

  • I hate when the first chapter is all CC and no actual scenes.

  • Bad Grammar and bad English. I just can’t read it if a sentence doesn’t flow well.

  • Incorrect layering of people and overlays.

  • When speech bubbles are not pointing at the right character.

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My real world pet peeves:

When someone blasts their music really loud. It’s also normally bad rap or hip-hop music that gets blasted.

When someone says to you that they are going to do something and then don’t.

COVID-19 related: When someone’s face mask covers their mouth but not their nose.

My pet peeves when reading Episode stories:

When the guy is spot directed to where he looks like he’s a foot taller than the girl.

When a Limelight character has the Silhouette Black hair color when they aren’t a silhouette. Jet Black exists in the portal.

When characters have dialogue with kissing animations. This seems petty, but realistically, I don’t think you can talk and kiss at the same time.

When seemingly every character in a Limelight story has the same body type (normally either generic or athletic). Try to have variations between your characters (including your background characters). Don’t just give them all the same body type.

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I don’t have many pet peeves, but the biggest one is when people don’t really close their mouth when they eat. like please chew quietly >:(( I don’t really mind anything else


Yes, I feel you! I’m in class and my mom just barges in, or I’m changing! And I repeatedly tell her not to but she feels the need to bond with me over womenhood :roll_eyes:

Would you mind tagging me for the next one?


hi neha!
i haTE it when people scratch metal against metal UGHSFHASF
also when i see people eating with their mouths open :sob:

also when i blast hs music and 1d music in my room and someone comes to tell me it’s too loud :clown_face:

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Okay :rofl: No hate or anything. I totaly get what you mean, it looks so weird but for me in real life that’s reality for me, like I’m 5’2 and most of my friends are 6’2, 5’9, so I low-key relate to the characters that are super short :joy:

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