Neha's Weekly Discussion #5: Inspiration!

Whether you’re an artist or a writer, hell, even an athlete, this is the place for ya!
This week’s discussion is about inspiration. Where do you get your inspiration? why is it important for you? how does it factor in your art/sport/writing/other activity or thing? what is your inspiration?
tell me about your inspiration!

This question is very open-ended, feel free to talk about anything surrounding inspiration, I don’t mind! I would love to hear from everyone x
I hope everyone is doing alright, it’s the start of a new week (closer to Christmas if you celebrate!) so be excited :))
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*I find inspiration anywhere! If I go to my favorite places (London, NYC, upstate NY, towns in my state) I get lots of ideas for stories & sometimes motivation as well. Also, I pull inspiration from good stories from several things. Here are some examples:
-Larger than life characters: I look towards video games like Far Cry (Vaas from Far Cry 3) or Edward Kenway, Blackbeard, and Bartholomew Roberts (Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag)
-talk-it out Tuesday: a thing my coach (I do gymnastics) does every tuesday, where she gives talks about several things like fears and mental blocks. It’s very helpful and sometimes give me inspiration!


other threads if you’re interested!


Well I imagine 24/7 everyday so if you start telling me a story then I will automatically imagine it so I get my inspiration from my imagination. I love to read and write stories and I also take ideas from few sources and change them into my liking. I faced some issues with the Episode so I lost my inspiration for a bit but now I am full of inspiration and ready to work. I don’t let small things take away my inspiration for a long time. As I love reading and writing imagination is important for me. If anyone needs any idea they can come to me. I am always ready to share ideas and help.


Ah! Thanks for the tag! I really do enjoy these discussion threads~ xx

Since I’m a writer/author, and artist, I’ll answer these questions as both a writer and artist.

Writer: I get my inspiration from mostly watching Netflix shows, and reading other stories. As I’d like to say, there is not a single piece of work, whether it be art/written, that hasn’t been inspired by atleast one thing. Sure, it’s original, but that’s because you’ve made it your own idea by seperating it from the idea you’re inspired by. The fantasy story I’m working on right now, is inspired by numerous stories/anime/movies.

Artist: As an artist, I get inspired to draw things on the daily. For instance, I’m working on an art project at school that’s due this Wednesday. The purpose of the project is to draw something that depicts a mood, (somber, depressed, joy, horror, fear, e.t.c.) and convey that through the art piece. It’s an emotional piece of art, so it’s only natural I’d be inspired. Anyway, I decided I’d pick a calm/fierce photography to depict as my mood, and that’s exactly what I did. It was an artwork with a leopard, and a black woman as the model. I’m not finished yet, because I’d like to actually learn how to draw curly/kinky hair before attempting to do it myself.

Writer: It’s important for me because I like originality. I like different and unique stories, original worlds and characters. I like being able to express myself through writing, which is very important to me because I have a big imagination but I just can’t seem to put it into words. So I don’t.

Artist: Art is something I’ve been doing since the fourth grade. At first it was for fun, but I’m in highschool now, and taking a commerical art program to fufill my dream with becoming an animator. It’s very important for me, because I express myself through both art and writing. (which seem to go hand in hand)

Writer: Whenever it comes to writing inspiration, it typically gives me a lot of inspiration for schoolwork. Therefore, I excel when it comes to essays, paragraphs, analyses, and research projects. I’m able to creatively execute assignments because I’m so used to doing it on a daily basis. Furthermore, when it comes to story-telling games (Sims 4) I’m able to create an immaculate storyline which is so entertaining to me because whenever I explain it to someone in real life, they think I’m explaining someone else’s life.

Artist: Similarly to writing, I excel at anything artistic. Any projects, any assignments that require creativity, you name it, I can do it. Not only is art an expression, it’s a source of income. If I keep practicing, one day I’ll be able to do commissions and make money from my passion. Additonally, art isn’t only used in the art field, but in a variety of different fields, which gives me a variety of careers considering the program I’m in.


Mostly from music and my friends/family. where I am a writer, artist/editor, etc, I can also derive my ideas from them. However, I’m getting more inspired by literary works like Shakespeare and Ann Martin for how they convey stories and the themes they discuss.

Music is a massive thing in life my life, so it’s no surprise that a lot of my stuff would be based on a song I listened to lol. A lot of my reference photos for art are old pictures I had of my friends, so that’s how I can look back to what I’m doing

Writing: My story is actually based heavily on two songs which give the plot, conflict, setting, and characters.

Art: I have a lot of rough drafts that started off from a pose I came up with after listening to a song.


@June_Sinclair that’s great! Deriving ideas from your imagination, is key to being creative! I agree with you in a sense that when I hear a story I can always imagine it in my head. cheers to having a big imagination !! Also, I’m glad you found your inspiration back :))
@MiyakoMiyu Of course, I’m glad you enjoy them! x
I agree with you about being able to write better essays. I love how I’m able to write essays and implement creative things, which my teachers have always appreciated. lol there’s not much to appreciate when you’re a lousy student like moi :///
Anyway, it’s nice to hear from you! I think you make some great points, especially about being able to express yourself through your writing. it’s not common to be able to do that, in my opinion because it’s hard to make it subtle. When you write, you can’t always write purely off experience. though it’s original, it’s not always the right thing to do?? I don’t know what I’m trying to say here haha
thanks for bringing that up! Music is such a beautiful, inspiring thing in our lives. it has so much to give ! I can 100% agree with you about how it can shape our stories almost entirely.
Another thing that you mentioned was about Shakespeare giving you inspiration which is interesting. I find some inspo from old classics (kind of like Shakespeare, but not quite lol.) Sometimes I find myself singing or even reading stories like Oliver Twist, the Secret Garden, My Fair Lady etc. it’s helpful, no doubt.


Ahh yes! Whenever I’m in the car and a good song is on, I always think of a story plot (a new or pre-existing one) which gives me like 274892647892 ideas lol :sweat_smile:




Great topic!

And same here about getting inspiration from everywhere. I get it from books, movies, animes, history, true crime, and songs.

Often times, I’ll draw a character. If I like their design, I’ll keep developing them until they have a name, age, personality, and eventually a story.


I don’t. Inspiration is something I lack, writing and drawing is just an activity that I do daily. It’s almost like eating and breathing every day, y’know? I just do it, but there’s not really a motive behind it. Sometimes I’m motivated to write/draw, but never inspired

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Where do you get your inspiration?
SOCIAL MEDIA. There are so many ideas and artists that inspire me to draw on social media!

And of course music - the right music will put u in the mood uk?

Also daily life things as well I have painted a lot of still life canvases with objects in front of me, which I have no idea why I found inspiration in it!

why is it important for you?
For me, without inspiration I cant complete a single art piece, it would go straight to the trash!

how does it factor in your art/sport/writing/other activity or thing?
It motivates me! Im more productive and creat better products!

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I get my inspiration for pretty much everything I do in life from movies, stories, etc. that depict the way I want my future to look like! I feel like that’s always the drive behind my actions.

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Thank you for the tag, it’s a great and motivational topic to read :purple_heart:

As for something close to being an artist, inspiration matters a lot. Sometimes I feel like quitting and moving on to another hobby, lol. It’s not absence of ideas, but that I always like to figure out how something new works. And when it comes to the moment when I already know it - things get boring and I move on to something else.

What helps me is drawing for others. It’s why every single piece I’ve made so far was for someone in the community. Knowing that someone is waiting for it, that it can make that person happy, be useful and wanted is what keeps me rolling. From the very

first piece

To the very last one

And here I am, it’s been almost a year and I still haven’t quit. Thanks to this community and people who supported me, giving this hobby a purpose. :purple_heart:

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Where do you get your inspiration?
I mainly get inspiration from video games, although sometimes, I get it from television and music.

Why is it important for you?
It helps me come up with new and potentially interesting ideas.

How does it factor in your art/sport/writing/other activity or thing?
It will help me with finishing the project as well as making sure it is of high quality.

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I find tons of things inspiring like people I look up to things I like or am interested in. I think it’s important because it’s kind of influences me if that makes sense and can even sometimes give me hope. I mean I get inspired by lots of things sometimes to do better sometimes to practice sometimes to even just do simple things it just depends. Well my main inspiration is probably my mom and dad they do so much and they really are great (but I won’t lie they do have they moments lol but I still love them)

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@Amphia- thanks! xx
yeah, me as well! Honestly, inspiration can come from basically anything or anyone. it’s really nice.
@blue.berrytoast- I’m sorry that you have a lack of inspiration but I’m glad you have motivation! it’s important to have motivation :))
Sometimes people don’t need inspiration to do things while some do, it differs for everyone :revolving_hearts:
@Lana_Carter Social media is a really, really good one!! You’re right, there is so much on there to pull from. It’s truly the only part of social media I find to be good. there’s just so much content (especially art & music) so it’s helpful in that sense!
@shreya.epi me toooo!!! sometimes I find it weird, but then I think about it and I’m like everybody does it at one point lol


It won’t be wrong to say that I got inspired to start drawing from Disney animated movies. I always loved Disney princesses and so I started practicing drawing that in the traditional art style. So basically that got me into drawing . After that I Truly enjoyed drawing so much That it became my passion and got me into digital art too

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@Pinkrose ahhhh me as well!! I got into a lot of things like music & writing from watching Disney princesses (I was obsessed) and other animated movies too! it’s cool that you draw in a traditional art style, I would love to see some of your work! x

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@Your_girl.kay that’s so sweet! I understand what you’re saying about it influencing you, I feel that. Inspiration can give hope, I like that! you make some good points :))
@kahotshot Riiiiight! I can talk about really good villians or main characters from video games that are just so inspiring to me (for writing & life in general LOL)
It’s important because it does help with new and interesting ideas, good point! I feel like when you’re inspired, you just do better.

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@Lumnara of course! xx
I’m glad you feel that way! You’re right, inspiration is something that matters a lot. I think you have great motivation, which I truly lack so good for you!!
You’ve improved a lot and it’s great how you’ve stuck with art even if it’s been hard. Art is a hard thing to do and keep up with, so that’s really amazing! you’re a very talented artist :revolving_hearts:

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Thank you. You also have great ways of finding inspiration. Video games are always a huge pile of that, haha. However, they can also drag you in, preventing you from doing anything else :joy: Used to happen to me a lot.

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