Neha's Weekly Discussion #6: Books!

Hey guys, I hope you’re having a lovely Monday! Google’s servers & my school’s accounts were down, so I got an extra ten minutes of sleep while they fixed it :))
Anyway, I almost forgot about making a thread, but low and behold it’s here! This week we are going to be talking about books.
what are your favorite books? Are you reading something cool right now? favorite author? series? Why? explain!! Do you like reading? If yes, why? If no, why don’t you?
My answer: Personally, I’ve always liked reading! as a child, my favorite place would be the library. I loved picking different books from all the shelves and just rifling through the pages, whether it would be a book from the adult section or a picture book. I still like to do that lol
My favorite book that I’ve read is probably Wiseguy, I Heard You Paint Houses, and Perfect Town, Perfect Murder. I really like reading crime books. (I’m really interested in that stuff haha)
My favorite series is the Hunger Games. When they came out, I was fairly young. Regardless though, I read them and absolutely loved them!! Katniss was a really big role model in my life. She will always be ionic with her bow and arrow :joy:
I’m not reading anything cool right now, only the Great Gatsby for school which I have read a million times already lol
However, I do want to read Forsaken, which is a journal of a video game character, Haytham Kenway from Assassin’s Creed. It would present some cool philosophies and ideologies that I would like to explore.

I would love to hear your answers as well!!
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My favourite book is the ‘Goosebump’ series it is so amazing. I currently don’t have a book to read because I read each and every single book I had except for school books lol :joy:. My favourite author is R.L. Stine (author of Goosebump series) and as I mentioned above I love the ‘Goosebump’ series. I love this series because I am a great sucker for horror stories and this series is the best. I love reading because it helps me to refresh my mind, make my mind more creative and imaginative and also diverts me from the mess I am stuck in. I love reading and writing stories from the time I started reading and writing.



I think that some of my passion for reading came from me reading episode stories since i was like 8/9 :kissing: :sob:

BUT even before that I used to love writing stories and reading, and Episode really drove me to lean towards writing and reading !! If it weren’t for Episode, I may not have even considered writing stories, or becoming an author when I’m older !

ya girl used to want to be a fashion designer cause she STYLISH purr :pregnant_woman:t2: :kissing:.

But overall, I love reading and writing ! AND I HATE EVERY OTHER SUBJECT DJFLKSDFDSIFKJJS. i like band tho cause i play the flute soo uhh …

MY FAV BOOK would have to be ‘Finlay Donovan Is Killing It’ It’s a mystery book and its reallyyyyyy good ! It’s basically about a Mom who’s a writer, and a person mistakes her for a hit-person who kills people and uh yea this girl hires the MC to kill her husband and a lot of other stuff happens too …

ITS REALLYYYY good, i won it in a giveaway in october on a website called ‘’ but uh, it won’t be out 'till February 2021 so y’all gotta wait to read this amazing book :kissing:

so sorry i love these emojis there like my fav combo … :kissing::pregnant_woman:t2:.



I started reading at a young age so it kinda stuck with me :blush:

I’ve read a lot of books, like a lot…but my favorite would have to be Numbering the Stars by Lois :sunglasses: that book holds a lot of memories for me 🥲

And my favorite series would have to be the Chronicles of Narnia :sunglasses:

I always loved reading and writing…so episode kinda helped w that but not rly if I’m being honest :eyes:

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Hello! I love reading so much! I have 812 books, and I can’t stop myself from buying more books. I have lots of favorite books and authors. I love Stefan Zweig, Ursula K. Le Guin, Lisa Gardner, Tess Gerritsen, Margaret Atwood, Judith McNaught, Agatha Christie, Sally Thorne, Jean-Christophe Grange, Arthur Conan Doyle, Chuck Palahniuk. I can read any of their books and I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten some names.
But if I had to choose one book for the whole world to read, it would be The Papalagi by Erich Scheurmann.


Harry Potter, percy Jackson, waterfire saga, and Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the Universe.

Yes. Waterfire saga. Reading the third book.

Jennifer donnlley and Rick riordan.

Harry Potter and percy Jackson.


My favourite series is definitely Harry Potter, hands down. I absolutely LOVE anything fantasy and magic related. Spirit Animals and Wings of Fire were also really really good!

I’m not much of a book reader now though, since I couldn’t find any books that really peak my interest :(( I guess my passion for reading kinda died out lol


Reading is really fun. I don’t read as much as i should or used to anymore. I read a more manga than novels now, haha. The Houseki no Kuni (Lan of the Lustruous, which is about these lifeforms that are gems in the very distant future on Earth who are being threateed by Lunarians, people on the moon who want to steal the gems to make jewelry) manga is really amazing, especially the visuals.

I don’t really have any favorite author. I can barely remember their names anyways. :sweat_smile:


I absolutely love reading!! I have always had a special place in my hear for all types of fictional books, plays, comic and graphic books, and even some autobiographies. I happened to be a book collector since I was 8 years old. My favorite book is Kindred by Octavia E. Butler. She does such an amazing job capturing Afro sci-fiction within her books! It really inspired me to actually make the story I recently released not long ago.


I love reading! It’s always so deep…it got me getting emotional and all. My favorite book right now is Harry Potter, I am reading that Book and on the 4th book. I don’t really have a favorite author, but J.K Rowling is for now…I always read good books, so I like all kinds of authors, But I always forget there name. I like reading b/c it sometimes always relates to my life, and it sometimes gets deep! My favorite kind of books are fiction books, fantasy…Reading is awesome! :relaxed:


Could you remove me from the tag list? Thanks! :sparkles:


I felt that :relieved:


I started reading when I was like four, and I learned by bob books :rofl:
My fave books are the Harry Potter, they’re so good!

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I loveeee mystery books! The best ones I’ve read this year are The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides (OMG 5 stars, highly recommend) and Eight Perfect Murders by Peter Swanson (if you’re a mystery/crime fan AND a book nerd, you’ll be obsessed)


Im more into informational books. Currently the best and the one I’m reading right now is “whoever fights monsters” by a former FBI profiler. It is about serial killers and their mindset. I’m studying forensic so it is interesting for me to learn something knew about it. It’s not a detective story! It’s just true facts and psychology. If anyone wants to learn something interesting or loves subjects like these, I definitely recommend!

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When I was young I read allllll the time! I’ve been writing and tellings stories since I learned how to talk, but when I first started high school a couple years ago, all the stress from my English class totally killed my motivation to read as well as my inspiration to write.

But since the pandemic began and we’ve all been forced into quarantine, I decided to change things and I’ve been trying to set aside time to read and write. It’s been difficult, I even reached a point where I was prioritizing reading and writing over school and I had like 3672637 missing assignments, but hopefully I’ll get better at time management hahah.

Anyway, I adore thrillers and mysteries too, so I love Natasha Preston and literally all of her books. Her book The Cellar is the first one I read when I was trying ti get back into reading so she rlly helped me out with that. Plus I love To Kill a Mockingbird, The Hunger Games, of course, and the whole Awakening of the Sunshine Girl series!

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I like reading, but I don’t seem to have much time for it anymore. I used to read all of the time when I was in elementary school. I loved going to the library and reading the descriptions on the back of the books. Some of my favorite books I have read are The Hate U Give, Fever 1793 (read this a while ago, but it is amazing!), Salt to the Sea, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, and The Hunger Games series.

My favorite book genres are mystery, historical fiction, and YA novels. My least favorite genres are probably horror/thriller and dystopian. Dystopian books all seem the same to me, except for The Hunger Games. I don’t have a favorite author or series.

I’m currently reading sections of a book called Bad Days in History by Michael Farquhar every night. I started Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and 1984 but haven’t made it very far yet in either book. I am also waiting for American Royals II: Majesty to become available for me at my library :llama:

i love romance / comedy / fantasy books with a passion :blob_hearts:
i love the To All The Boys series, and i love all of Rick Riordan’s books too!
i’m rereading the Olympian Heroes seires rnn
i don’t really have a fav author, i basically find something cool and read it :joy: but i guess i love Jenny Han
series - To All The Boys!!!
i LOVE reading! like. so. much. it just takes me to a whole new world that doesn’t exist and the imaginations of the authors are so amazing
i can read a book and three hours+ would pass soo fast
i also love writingomg

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What are your favorite books?
My favorite books are the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. I also enjoyed reading the books Dear Mr. Henshaw and Holes.

Are you reading something cool right now?
I don’t think so at the moment.

Favorite author? Series? Why? Explain!!
I’m not sure if I have a favorite author.

Do you like reading? If yes, why? If no, why don’t you?
To an extent. I don’t really classify reading as one of my hobbies, but there are a few books that I enjoy reading.

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okay so i love reading. my favorite author atm is stephen king because i do be a horror fan lol and I love how twisted and gory his works are😼. my favorite book by him is probably either geralds game or doctor sleep. huge fan, would recommend. another one of my faves is the metamorphosis by franz kafka. im not the biggest kafka fan but it was a good book:)