Nelida's Background and Overlay Posts ^^

Continuing the discussion from Background Editors!:

I wanted to post a couple of new backgrounds and overlays that I’d made that others could probably use since they’re part of the Episode generic stuff, LOOOOL >.> But it seems the thread is closed ^^

So I’ll go ahead and make a new one real quick 'cause I really wanna post these.

Above background and overlay made for this background

And I’ll probably make a night time version, too sometime ^^

And then there’s this overlay, the blank spots within the tree are transparent, too, so that’s fun, LOL:

Made for this background, which I'll probably make a daytime version for also ^^

I finally figured out something with overlays and making/editing overlays, too. My layer remove white matte wasn’t working, and it was making me SOOOO angry! I have other overlays I just gave up trying to get rid of the white edges, but I decided to save my PNGs differently, as 24 instead of 8, and that made the difference!! NO MORE WHITE OUTLINE YAYYYYY!!! So, thank God for that. New Years isn’t that terrible in this case ^^ lol

But anywho! Everyone else should post their backgrounds and overlays and stuff if you have any ^^

And if anyone wants to use these or any of my backgrounds for that matter, I don’t mind. ^^

Credit me at @nelida.u.episode, though ^^ <3 <3


bump - where are the new backgrounds? LOL

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I love these! I feel that they add so much to a story. Good job! :smiley: Keep up the good work!

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^ Daytime stairs for

And ^ nighttime stairs for

Just workin’ on that collection slowly but surely LOL


These overlays are for the night version of the hotel. I have some lights here so that characters can be behind the light and it be see-through. Otherwise, the characters would also be seen through the lamp and stuff O.O Can’t have that, LOL

Tested it out and everything, it’s pretty awesome (pattin’ myself on the back) if I do say so ^^ LOL

For this bg:



Here’s the next set of overlays I did for the underwater cave. <3 <3 <3 So, these all have to be on a correct layer to appear correct, because there’s an overlap with all the layers underneath (for reasons that artists will understand probably but I’m too lazy to explain so just understand and believe me, okay? LOL)

^^^ You want this one on the 4th layer

^^^ this one on the 5th layer (last layer, like -5 or something, very low number)

^^^ 3rd (middle) layer

^ These two are split in half to make it so that the entire overlay is visible at higher quality, otherwise, the overlay would need to be cut and very low quality because it would be too big. But they’d be the VERY FIRST layer, closest to camera!

^^ And this one will be the second layer.

So if you have a character with these overlays, you will want to leave a layer space in between each of these overlays. IE

&overlay FOREFRONT1 moves to layer 5
&overlay FOREFRONT2 moves to layer 5
&overlay F2 moves to layer 3
&overlay M3 moves to layer 1
&overlay B1 moves to layer -1
&overlay B2 moves to layer -3

that way your character(s) can move in between each of the pieces.


Does no one else have backgrounds or overlays???


Or maybe none of y’all just wanna share…I guess I’ll turn this into “Nelida’s backgrounds and overlay posts” T.T


You should, lol.

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Here’s for that bar background, but the bar overlay. This was the first one I ever made ^^’




^ This was created to be partnered with a female cradling, so…>.> Yeah ^^


These were requests for a friend of mine who no longer has a forum account <3 <3

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I’ll update this someday ^^

ugh cuckflake. Why do you make everything about overlays?

Again. I WILL update this someday :flushed:

Huh…I wonder when I’ll update this. I HOPE I’ll post something within the NEXT thirty days ^^’

We’ll see I guess. >.>

Bump :sob:

Those black cat overlays are too cute :smirk: Yep, it’s Friday the 13th :jack_o_lantern:

Bump :blob_turtle:

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you’re so good at this do more :sob: