Neon Art Shop💨 (CLOSED!)

This is my first art shop so enjoy!
I do Neon Edits.

  • No thread hopping!
  • Don not rush me , I am only 14 and I’m one person running this shop
  • Be patient, do not pressure me because i have a life also and i just started doing these edits and this is my very first shop init so don’t do that :sneezing_face:
  • I can decline your request based on the thing you ask me to do which i can’t do (e.g like hard poses)
  • Copy and paste the form as it is and put the poses, bg, how many characters you want etc… next to the questions
  • Make the details clear about what you want
  • Put a request when the shop is open not when its closed or when you like
  • Do not request something that i cant do like don’t request something that i’m not offering because i will decline
  • Because something is up with instagram and it’s not letting me make an epi account when crediting me use my forums account (S.STORIESXX)

Ty :two_hearts:

I can do:

  • Intros and outros (neon and from waist up)
  • Pfp (neon and from waist up)
  • Covers (in neon and from waist up) ( (ig i haven’t rlly tried but i’m sure i can do it but it gotta be with the episode animations cos i can’t do all that impressive commission shit.)
  • Banners
  • Character neon edits (waist up)
    I do all in either limelight or ink

I dont just do neon edits i can do normal edits with custom poses (u will see in the examples) and i do mermaid edits asw


Intro/ Outro


Character edit

Other edits



Custom poses

Mermaid edits


For the custom pose edit (up to 3 ppl) :
If u want a cover with a custom pose please state that u want a cover and put down the story name asw
A pic of the pose u would like (not too hard cos i jus started doing these):
Ur char details:
A clear picture of ur char:
Ur char clothes:
The bg u want:

For a mermaid edit (up to 2 ppl):
The pose u would like (episode animations):
Ur char details:
A clear picture of ur char:
Ur chars clothes (bikini/ swimsuit):
The bg u would like:
The colour mermaid tail u would like (if i cannot find a nice tail with the colour u have asked for u will need to try and find one urself or ask for a different colour):

Users (waiting for request)

Users (waiting)

HAPPY REQUESTING :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



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omg ur too nice :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I would like to request a cover, just one person please! Could I get something like the first example?


Skin : Umber
Brows : Defined Natural
hair : Long Feathered (black)
eyes : Round Luxe (hickory)
face :oval
nose: eleven
Lips : classic (rosewood)


Could I get the same pose as well if that’s alright. The character is really into fashion.
Or you could do this

i just edited that i can’t draw, the pose has to be the ones from episode animations cos thats all i can do lol

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Sorry, I just edited my other post.

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Np! Could you do film_phone and have her look at the camera.

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@Cece.epyy i will start you request tomorrow

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Thank you :heart:

Sorry i’m confused could u just copy and paste the cover form and refill it, it would be less confusing of what you want cos u didn’t say what colour highlights and hairstreaks u want.
And do you just want the face or ur characters body from the waist up

Yes, I am very sorry. I’ll do that now.

All Details

How many character (s) do you want?:
Limelight or ink?:
Character (s) details:
Skin : Umber
Brows : Defined Natural
hair : Long Feathered (black)
eyes : Round Luxe (hickory)
face :oval
nose: eleven
Lips : classic (rosewood)
Character (s) clothes:
Circle Dangle Earrings
Rhinestone Sundress
Desired pose: film_phone and the character looking straight in the camera.
Background (unless you wanna put it your self which would be very useful):
Plain light purple.
Clear picture of you character (s):

What colour highlights do you want your character to have? (see examples):
pink, goldand purple
Do u want hairstreaks (optional) if so what colour:
One streak, purple.

Could you make it waist up

do you want the phone in the cover

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Yes, if you have to zoom out a bit that’s fine.

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Limelight or ink?: Limelight
Character details:
Skin: Rose 03
Brow: Arched Natural (Dark Brown)
Hair: Sleek Ponytail (Brown Black)
Eyes: Female Generic (Brown Sand)
Face: Diamond Long
Nose: Grecian Soft
Lips: Full Heart Pouty (Fair Neutral Matte)

Dress: Thin Strap Ruffle Dress Polyester Complex Color (Blue Sky)
Shoes: Criss Cross Strap Heels Leather Complex Color (Cool White(
Necklace: Choker Jewel Square Diamond White
Earrings: Stud Jewel Drop

Clear picture of your character:

Desired pose:

What highlights do you want (see examples): Gold
Do you want hairstreaks (optional) if so what colour?: White and Light blue, (two streaks)

Please and thank you! ^^

@s.storiesxx this is so good!! well you teach me??

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Hey…Can I request for a cover…???

Hey girly… Good luck for your shop… I m going to request asap :heartpulse::heartpulse::relaxed:

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Can you do INK style?

Hii! I really love your art and would love to request for a pfp. If it’s a yes, here are the details -

Limelight or ink?


Character details

Body : Female Generic Body
Skin tone - Copper 02
Eyebrow - Arched Natural (colour is black dark)
Hair - Long down wavy princess braid (color is black dark)
Eyes - Deepset downturned (color is green emerald)
Face shape - Diamond
Nose - Round button
Lips - Full heart pouty (color is red matte)

Clear picture of your character

Desired pose


What highlights do you want


Do you want hairstreaks (optional) if so what colour?

Yes, I would like purple hairstreaks.


Boot Stiletto Knee High Leather Black
Lock Necklace Metal Gold
V Neck Two Tone Sweater Dress Wool Black White

You know at the end of every chapter, the author puts an edit of themself and stuff? Not sure if I made sense but yeah, that’s what I’ll use it for :sweat_smile: I really love your artwork. If you can’t do my request, that’s totally fine! :heart:

Thank you! :heart:

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