Neon’s Art⚡️ commission shop🦇 [CLOSED TILL THE END OF THE MONTH]

Commission artist since 2021 January

[Semi Realistic] Latest samples: (more samples will be added with time)

[Cartoon] (more samples are up coming)

How long it takes for me to finish:
-from 3 days to 1 week to finish the commission (depends on the complexity of the drawing)

How I work:
:round_pushpin:(The client will receive a TOS (terms of service) to avoid scamming client or artist

  1. To avoid scamming the client pays advanced payment 50% of the price (full price right away)
    :exclamation: If the client pays an advanced payment (50% of the price) the client will pay Paypal fees for the rest of price by second transaction as well​:exclamation:
  2. the client will receive a sketch and after the changes and Clients approval will start coloring
  3. Client will receive as much progress as the client wants (I personally always send the progress everyday)
    :round_pushpin:The pictures will be sent with watermark
  4. If the payment wasn’t full, client will pay the rest and receive the final piece

For more information/examples you can always PM me


New style added :heart:

Sample of this month

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