Nerdy characters

I was just wondering why do every story have to have a nerdy person why can’t i just be a regular girl

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they dont. my story’s main character is strong, confident and independent.


Adrenaline has a strong female main character


there are plenty of stories where the mc is not nerdy…


I agree with @AnonymousAuthor1 just stay away from the category.

And what do you mean by regular girls? Being a nerd is a personality. What defines them not regular?

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Why does it have to be a girl? Again with the regular…

What do you consider regular? Anything someone has if it is and not limited to, looks and personality really shouldn’t be categorized as regular…


Here are few more stories with confident MCs who are not nerdy:

Thrill of the Hunt by Azaria Sin

Without You by Georgia Sanders

Hale Huna by Anonymous Author

And my story :joy::joy: (shameless self promo) - Crossed Paths by Dreamer

Make sure to browse around and not to stick to one category of stories, there are so many stories out there with a strong, confident and “girl next door” kinda characters.


I mean that I’m just a normal person i don’t have to be bullied or scary that’s just dumb but i guess i need to really look through the stories to find one that’s not like that

I’m a girl that’s the only reason I’m saying that i don’t know why you are trying to make this a bigger issue than it has to be but listen it’s people in high school that could actually stick up for themselves is all I’m saying so why do i always have to bow down to others in these stories but other people have already showed me some better stories

Thank you

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No worries :heart:

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Wording it differently: I was just wondering why do some stories have a character that is a nerd? Why do I have to play as them? Why can’t I play as someone who isn’t a nerd?

My answer to you: If you don’t want to play as those characters-smart, intelligent strong MCs, then that’s your choice-your preference. The author’s not forcing you to read. You can exit the story and read ones that appeal to you : )
Or you can try your hand out at writing (if you haven’t already)

Again, there is no need to complain-if you don’t like reading about MCs with this personality, then just don’t.

I don’t know what you mean by regular, but perhaps you can create a thread, stating that you are looking for stories with a MC that has characteristics that you find appealing and want to read about.

Clearly i have tried going to different stories it’s like most of them are the same where i can’t stick up for myself i don’t need your opinion people have already showed me some better stories thank you :kissing_heart:

I’m guessing only the people who got called nerds is getting offended by this post i don’t have a problem with nerdy people i just want to portray different roles sometimes

Well, that’s good you tried-maybe try looking at other genres, too, not just romance and drama (and if you have looked in other genres, than am sorry for suggesting that). If you want something different you can always post a thread about it, and ask people to post stories that appeal to you. You might come across stories that have MCs who don’t stick up for themselves (this may be a popular theme in most/some stories that feature romance)-but instead of complaining about the MC for being “nerdy” in these stories (the way the author pictured them) just exit the story and look for another one.

Cool, you don’t need my opinion, but am confused why you feel the need to complain when people have already showed you stories that peak your interest. Simply put, if you don’t like the story, just don’t read!

You’re wrong when you say only “nerdy” people would get offended by this post-don’t classify people like that and say a group that has only this personality or has been called that will get offended-it creates a division.

If you want “nerdy” people to portray different roles, you can’t force the author to change that-they write their story the way they pictured it. You can read other stories where the MC isn’t super smart and/or helpless. Instead, she’s playing a different role, one that is not a “nerd.”

Maybe try creating your own story? Am sure it would be an amazing read!

Anyway, have a lovely day!

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You keep saying don’t read the story but that was my point too i don’t want to read that type of story and every story i click is the same my point of posting this is to see if someone could help me find better stories because i keep finding the same type I’m not really trying to argue but maybe i did word it wrong but i don’t care about nerdy people but i just want a story where i can not be afraid of the next person

I’m not asking the authors to be different I’m saying why can’t i find a story where i can be a strong person and don’t have to back down from others

I love strong characters, too, who are not afraid of backing down ^^
And honestly, I’m not sure how to help you.
The only advice I can give you is:

Post a thread stating you want to read stories where the MC is a strong person and doesn’t cower from others-then say you would like story suggestions for this.
Am sure people will comment wonderful stories that are of interest to you <3


I recommend you change up the title of this thread as well as the original post.

That way, you can attract some users who have amazing story recommendations.

:heart: Have a good day - we are all here to help you :heart:

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