Nerisalei’s Cover Art Giveaway - Ends On April 26

Hello there!
I’m hosting a cover art giveaway exclusive to episode authors on my Instagram @nerisalei !

Enter for a chance to win a free cover in your style of choice! There are 2 categories for this giveaway, a stylized cover and a semi-realistic cover. I will allow a maximum of 2 above knee characters per cover category.

Images from insta post

How to enter:‬

  • you must be following me on insta @nerisalei
  • Like my Instagram post :white_heart:
  • share it on your story!
  • you must comment a short description of your cover on my giveaway post (on insta again). Please mention the style you prefer!

Additional entries:

  • repost the first slide on your feed and tag me!
  • tag your friends in the comments below my Instagram giveaway!

‪You will have a higher chance of winning if you have already previously published a story on episode interactive or if you are an active community member.‬

‪The deadline is April 26 and winners will be announced on April 30!! Winner details will be released when the winners are announced.‬

‪Best luck to you all!:bat:


Hey love we talked in pm . The short description I have is
-2 characters
-either style is welcomed as both are beautiful :heart_eyes:

I’ll pm u the longer more detailed description!

Tag(s): @Jpassen & @emmy17.episode


bump! x

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Hey, it’s me. I was your 100th follower. :smirk:
Congrats on 100 btw heh!

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Hii! Yes you’re right, thank you for being my 100th follower :face_holding_back_tears:

Do you take commissions outside of this? :smiley:

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Hello! Yes my commissions are currently open, you can find details about it on my website !