🎥 Netflix Discussion Thread!



Hey! Just wondering, do you guys have any Netflix suggestions? I’ve been binge-watching almost EVERYTHING.


I have a few, what have you watched so far?


On My Block, The 100, Supernatural, Dexter, Lovesick, Shameless, Skins, and some more that I can’t think of at the moment.


I really love 13 reasons why


I like Riverdale, Ru Paul’s Drag Race (fabulous), 13 Reasons Why, Blue Mountain State, Benidorm (my all time favourite), The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, Jessica Jones (another fave), Orange Is The New Black (hilarious), Stranger Things, Atypical (amazing)… I didn’t realize how many shows I’ve watched until I wrote them all down :joy: this isn’t even all of them


Those r all good! I love them too!


I love all crime dramas . . . NCIS, Dexter, Criminal Minds, Hawaii - Five O . . .

I like the Marvel Series as well (even though some are really bad compared to others).

I also like some of the heheh animated kid shows xD


I’ve watched Atypical and I loved it! :heart: What is Benidorm about?


Have you seen 9-1-1? (It’s not on Netflix, on Fox) It’s a great show.


Atypical is amazing. Benidorm is about an English family going abroad to Benidorm, Spain and it’s a drama-y comedy type thing. Kinda hard to explain, but I find it hilarious :joy: maybe google it for a better answer


Scandal, my all-time favorite tv show, is on Netflix. It’s completed with all seven seasons available. I highly recommend it!


What’s it about?


On my block , riverdale, 13 reasons why, violet evergarden, designated survivor, black lightning,Atypical, stranger things, Jessica jones, teen wolf, shadow hunter, NCIS, degrassi, lost in space


Beware! :joy: Here is a list of projects I’ve recently watched/have loved since first watching them that I totally recommend:

  • On My Block
  • The Get Down
  • Dear White People
  • Chewing Gum
  • Lost in Space
  • Brotherly Love (you WILL cry…)
  • Degrassi: Next Class
  • Scandal
  • The Walking Dead
  • Black Mirror
  • Black Lightning
  • Seven Seconds
  • Hush


It’s a rollercoaster of a show, but it basically follows the life of Olivia Pope, who serves as the leader of a prominent crisis management firm in Washington D.C. while secretly having an affair with the president.


Oh wait, I think my mum’s watched that. Maybe I’ll try it once I’ve finished Drag Race :smile:


Here are a few series I’ve really enjoyed, and recommend watching —
[You may have already watched a few]

  • Stranger Things
  • Riverdale
  • Pretty Little Liars
  • 13 Reasons Why
  • The End of the F****ing World
  • Dark
  • On My Block
  • Sense8
  • Dear White people
  • Orange is the New Black
  • Making a Murderer

Enjoy your binge watching :slightly_smiling_face:


I like everything on Netflix


I am so so so surprised that no one has mentioned Jane the Virgin yet!!

Omg, it’s the best show ever. Basically, this women called Jane Gloriana Villanueva gets artificially accidentally inseminated and becomes pregnant. IT’S SO FKKSKDKDKS GOOD!!

I’d definitely recommend because I am OBSESSED!!

Also, if you’re sad or bored or just want to feel childish, I would binge watch Horrid Henry (the cartoon, not the movie, although the movie is fab!!) or Miraculous: The Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.

Anisha Xx


Omg, how could I forget?!?! I need to watch the last couple of episodes to catch up.