Netflix Discussion Thread 🎥


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What is your favorite netflix show? What do you like to binge watch, any actor crushes?


Just have to say this is the most beautiful thread I’ve ever seen.

Defender, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, On my Block, iron fist, Stranger Things, Friends

I like to binge a lot of things like I can get paid.


i love Santa Clarita Diet, Dynasty, Luke Cage (still on epi one but its lit), and friends(finished it in 3 weeks now re-watching it lol), riverdale?
fresh prince of bel-air!!! :revolving_hearts:


Yes Jessica Jones is one of my favorites as well, did you like S1 or S2 more?


I’ve watched Santa Clarita Diet, it’s a bit cooky but I love the characters, especially the daughter XD


Yeah I watched it I laughed at some parts but it was okay.

Dang that’s a tough one but I’d have to say 2 because of everything going on and 1 made me so mad at some parts with killgrave :joy:


I actually prefer S1 because I loved Killgrave like — omg I know you love Jessy, but at the same time I want you dead.


I currently love Nailed it right now ;-; the host is my spirit animal


True true I loved how he loved her as well and I was like awwwwww and awwww come on now with him :joy:

But killgrave’s accent got me every time like no wonder he could control people!


Santa Clairta Diet is effin hilarious!!!
I just finished watching the second season of Kim’s Convenience. Super good.
Other shows:
-Peaky Blinders
-Black Mirror
-Alias Grace
-Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events
Bojack Horseman

Those are just Netflix originals tho. I also binge watch and rewatch:

-The Office
-Parks and Recreation
-New Girl


My favs that I watch on Netflix are probably Stranger Things, Friends, the Alienist(this show is amazing, you should watch it if you haven’t done so already), RuPaul’s Drag Race(lmao it’s hilarious), The End of the f***ing World, Black Mirror (I just started this show but I already love it). I like to binge watch Project Runway sometimes and Criminal Minds over and over again, which is not on Netflix, but it’s my absolute favourite show of all time. Actor crushes:Matthew Gray Gubler who plays Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds. Also, KJ Apa that plays Archie on Riverdale. The show’s second season is kinda trash (don’t attack me), that’s why I didn’t put it in my favs. But I just keep watching it since I love the actors and it is kind of entertaining to be honest lol.


Oh my goodness same!!! That show honestly made me so upset though at the same time like whyyyyyy


Ah yes! Series of Unfortunate Events, I haven’t started the second season but I can’t wait to start it D: (probably will this weekend.)


Yes, Matthew Gray Gubler is so adorable in Criminal Minds. He’s like 11/10 adorable ;-;


Agreed. :sweat_smile: Whenever he is in a scene I get so excited, I just love him so much lmao.


Yup, adults are legit no help on this shown😂


Ikr at all! I like went insane watching it.

  • Scandal (my all time favorite series, bless Kerry Washington)
  • Any and all John Mulaney stand-ups
  • Black Mirror
  • Stranger Things


B: The Beginning is my favorite Netflix show so far. Can’t wait for a second season! :heart_eyes:


My favorite right now would have to be Once Upon A Time. I’m big a big fan of fantasy :yum: