Netflix Discussion Thread 🎥


I think I stopped watching 2 seasons ago, but YESSSSSS! Hook is life!


I’m on season three at the moment, can’t deny that sweet tension between Emma and Hook. Literally everytime I see them together I’M LIKE KISS ALREADY AHSHSB


Girl! Its definitely a journey :joy:
Let me know when you get to season 6, let me knows what happens because I am unaware now lol


A very frustrating journey, but definitely worth the watch. But alas I love seeing romance bloom between characters rather than everything being rushed, so I’m keeping my calm for now :persevere:

And season 6 is a ways away, but given how much of my time I spend on Netflix it shouldn’t take long with me lol.


Right now, I’m watching American Horror Story! I just finished Freakshow. I’m watching the seasons out of order, so I’m not sure what I’ll do next.

I didn’t like Murder house at all, but Cover, Freakshow, and Asylum were all pretty good.

I’m also watching Troll Hunters, but I haven’t finished it yet.

I used to watch this one show, I can’t remember the name of…it only had 1 season, and I can’t find it anymore.

It was set in the future where the world was destroyed by overpopulation, so families were being sent back into the far, far past to colonize the prehistoric earth. It had dinosaurs and stuff. Kinda low quality and really silly, but I liked it a lot. Wish I remembered what it was…


I can’t believe no one’s mentioned GLOW yet! I love that I can watch whole seasons of Netflix originals right when they air but it feels like because of this new binge culture a lot of show runners and writers are going through this period of turning TV shows into 12 hour movies, you don’t get that sense with GLOW. It keeps its momentum, it fleshes out its characters without running them through a treadmill of the same mistakes and plot lines, and most importantly I think it says something without beating you over the head with the message.


bump and . . . I just binged watched season two of Series of Unfortunate events, and like I need season three like now please


Right! That last episode had me just on the floor.


Do you ship Esme and Count Olaf?


Hahahahaha yeah I do even though I hate what they did and how they’re just ughhhhh


yes, exactly. I hate-love them so much.


Hahahahaha right especially that last episode had me at tears.


Aye! Thanks for making another one, love. :heart:


this is off topic, but chadwick lookin hella fine in ur pfp


Bro ikr like super fine thank you!


Terra Nova. I watched it, too. I was into it, but then it didn’t continue.


YALL, I just watched Season Four of IZOMBIE (yes, it’s a O.K.A.Y. show), I haven’t watched in over two years, but I am like so bothered - Major is my least favorite character in the ENTIRE world. Like, f this dude.


I dont have netflix :sob::sob::sob:


Ahhhhh same we watch a lot of the same things hahahahhaah



what do you think of Blaine from IZOMBIE?