Netflix Discussion Thread 🎥


I have a little crush on him at times :joy:


it’s legit confirmed we are probably the same person XD


Hahahahahah you like him to???


yes, he’s just so adorable and like evil and like ommgg I can’t even


Hahahahahhaha oh my goodness same like I can’t take it!


I can’t even yall rn

I just finished all my series. I have nothing to watch


Same and session two of the iron fist doesn’t come out until I’m in school :cry:


;-; you have the same taste as me, what are some series you think I should watch XD


Hmmmmmm well I can send a pic of my list.

List part 1

List part 2

I haven’t watched “I Am number four.” Or “Lost in space” yet.

List Part 3

List Part 4

List Part 5

List Part 6

Some are movies that people suggested that I really like as well.


Pretty Little Liars :shushing_face:
The Fresh Prince of Bel-air :crown:

(And sometimes originals like Riverdale)


SO, somewhat related.

Remember the T.V. show Kids Next Door?

Well, I was like, I still haven’t watched the final episode. So I found it on youtube, and cried. the feels were too much


im almost done greys anatomy ive been watching it for a few months but its soooooo long


I love Netflix but I’m so bad at watching new shows :grimacing:
I always watch the same three shows - Friends, How I Met Your Mother and Brooklyn 99. I often watch Netflix late at night and I always end up falling asleep, so I watch these same shows because I’ve seen them all at least three times before and then I don’t miss out on anything when I fall asleep :yum:



I am fanfictioning over Disenchantment so much rn.

Like I loved Futurama, and this new show is just yasss

But then

Part two won’t be coming our for like EVER and . . . I cried


Oh, come on. :joy:
How is it that no one has mentioned tv shows like:

  • Sherlock
  • Outlander
  • Shadowhunters
  • The 100
  • Merlin


I lowkey told my dad to renew Netflix just so I can watch the new Meteor Garden for Shen Yue <3 but WHY DO I LOVE IT?



I’m watching like White Collar right now, but plottwist it’s only on Netflix for like 1 more month cause Fox is leaving Netflix.



I’m also watching Paradise PD because i liked Brickleberry, and my god it’s very fricked up.


I absolutely love GLOW!


My all time favorite show on Netflix is Charmed :sparkles: