Netflix Recommendations Please 🤍

So I am currently starting Umbrella Academy
Is it worth it? :white_heart:

  • Yes
  • No

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Send through your suggestions :sparkles: :relaxed:


i’d also recommend supernatural, i just started watching it when quarantine started and im about to finish, in my personal opinion it’s prob one of my fav shows ツ


love supernatural have all DVDs they dont have the show here in Denmark’s netflix

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Sounds interesting, i’ll give this a try :)) :hugs:

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umbrella academy is really good,

I would recomand call the midwife. its a really good brithis show. the first seasons is from a real life biogrophy,


im pretty sure you can use a vpn to get to america or canada netflix and it’ll show up ! that works for me when i want to watch other shows : )

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omg i promise you wont regret it :laughing:

ooo interesting, im adding all these to my list


Does anyone know some good syfy or fantasy movies

supernatural, as already recommended.

there is some of those new Netflix original, lock and key. a letter for the king and the dragon prince, love that one. also have you seen Merlin, it’s great. and the worst witch

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So you love to bash Disney AND you watch the Umbrella Academy? Girl ily already

Yes, I’m obsessed… You can tell by my header :))

Also I recommend:

  • The 100
  • Lucifer
  • Titans
  • I am not okay with this

klausss??? omgg yes hes my HUSBAND i swear


Omg yess

Lowkey wanna make a tua fan thread :weary: is that even allowed? :joy:

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Watch the Gilmore Girls

That’s my favorite show on Netflix. It’s an oldie, but a goodie.

YEESS I LOVE THAT SHOW. and it has one of my fave actors (who’s in supernatural) he plays dean in gg but sam in supernatural but its ironic how his brother is named dean haha

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hahah idk :laughing:

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Grey’s Anatomy
The Office
The Crown
The Good Place
Cable Girls


oh i forgot another recommendation but i totally recommend reign, it’s kind of old but its one of my longtime faves :slight_smile:

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Uuuu yesss

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Not sure if you’ve already seen it, but How To Get Away With Murder is really good!