🐯 Netflix’s Tiger King - WTF? 🐯

Seriously, if you’re stuck at home flip this shit on, you’re gonna be like “Rona who?”, this is the most insane documentary I’ve ever seen and I can’t stop thinking about it. A woman straight up getting her arm ripped off in the tiger cage is the most tame plot point in the whole series, it’s wild.

Have you seen Tiger King?

My takeaways (Contains Spoilers)
  • Carole is the worst and she totally killed her husband- you can’t convince me otherwise.

  • Doc Antle is white R Kelly with exotic animals, he’s also the worst.

  • Joe Exotic started out with good intentions but ego and cash flow went to his head, also “Here Kitty Kitty” is a slap.

  • Jeff Lowes is the devil and I hope those starving animals end up eating his ass, he is also the worst.

  • No one in the series is “the good guy”, all of these people are fucking insane, all of them are exploiting, and in some cases straight up abusing, animals for personal gain, all of them need to seek mental help.


Yes I watched it I saw at least half a dozen more documentaries coming from this series.
I thought it was so odd the relationships were like a cult that’s all relationships in the series. (I see definitely another documentary just on that) who the hell would willing get their hand amputated to protect their own boss.
Upsetting their more big cats in America in captivity then there is in the wild.
Everyone in the series is an asshole end of story the only blessing is the Tiger King blabbing will hopefully get the others prison sentences.

But nobody is a good guy there all creepy animal abusers and abusing people as well that much loyalty is beyond creepy.

I think part of it was for sure loving the animals but the more insidious part is, like, where else would she have gone? Her whole life was that zoo, it was a her job and her home. Joe Exotic did the same thing as Doc Antle but instead of young naive girls who wanted to play with tiger cubs he chose people that had no options, the man had them believing getting first pick at dumpster meat was a blessing.

Did you notice how at all the other zoos there were maintenance workers everywhere, building, fixing enclosures, whacking weeds but at Millionaire Murderer Carole’s everything looks dirty and busted? She’s already rich, charges 50$ a head at her little ghetto ass zoo, and she won’t even hire professionals to do yard work.

I know why she did it the workers admitted the Tiger King picked up workers off the street gave them a home and made them very dependent on him paid them shit all.

But I wouldn’t call any of them animal lovers more disturbed how easy it is to get an exotic animal with no expertise at all to be allowed to run a zoo with no professionals at all is mind boggling.

But the cult mentality is scary I know there would be people who will have these animals and genuinely care but this documentary no way all did it for the money the sanctuary looked horrid as well all money grab.

But I’m also a believer that wild animals belong in the wild. If your going to have one look after them properly.

One being the operative word, there’s no way you can love over 200 tigers, it just isn’t feasible. I’m sure you can have favorites but “love” seems out of the question. Animal welfare and capitalism are at odds either way, as soon as these people started making money off these animals they were no longer capable of distinguishing them from dollars signs.

I think they all loved animals at some point, probably not Doc Atler or Jeff, but Joe started off a lot like Carole, against cub petting and breeding and advocating for conservation in the wild. I think, like Carole, he truly believed he was doing a good thing and stuck with that narrative no matter how corrupt he became, no matter how much the care of his animals deteriorated or his own values and morals he refused to see it. All of these people have started their own little cults but they’re also drinking their own cool aid, again except Doc Atler and Jeff, I find them to be the most aware of themselves and their cons.

Wait what?!

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Documentary on Netflix, it’s the wildest shit I’ve ever seen, totally worth a watch.

This was literally my reaction every episode.

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Um. okay.

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I had the same reaction it definitely takes your mind off what’s happening probably the oddest documentary ever

I fully agree with you but they are all definitely not right in the head.
Joe went off the deep end at the start he was ok I felt a little bad for him then the turn around like omg what happened great documentary I binged watched it I couldn’t look away.

The whole hit man thing felt like a set up, truly, they had a very flimsy case on that charge. But we don’t have the penalties for animal abuse and trafficking that I think we should, they just don’t carry any weight without the attempted murder for hire thing so I’m really conflicted about it sentencing and the verdict. He would have gotten off light without the hit man charge but the penalties for the things he was responsible for should be harsher.

I think I’m the most upset that that wild life protection bill didn’t pass. Lobbyists “donate” hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to political campaigns to accomplish what Doc Atler did by just bringing some monkeys and a couple of tiger cubs to the House of Representatives for photo ops.

Ok I watched this and I did not like that woman. Something about her is just not right. And if you listen to the things Joe says about her it’s true if you look at it. The cages were not what they should be, one person said they volunteer 6 days a week for 12 hrs per day… for free, and she barely knows their name.

Yet, she takes in how much millions? Then her husband mysteriously disappears? Her aura I just didn’t like

Now, Joe was just a hot mess. I think if he stayed on the path, he could’ve done something good but he let the little fame get to him and he started acting out. I do believe he was very manipulative and self centered but the dude was kinda funny.

The Tigers however I just felt bad especially for the cubs and when they found those bones buried? So maybe they didn’t lie when they said once the tigers are no longer useful he shoots them…

Just a mess of a show.

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As a vegetarian I’m instantly suspicious of anyone backed by PETA, that woman literally said “if I were gonna…you know, if somebody wanted to kill you, then they would put like sardine oil all over you”, oh really, Carole? You know that for a fact, huh?

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