Never have I ever.. but you have

So this is never have I ever but the questions you ask are things you have done. Write 5 things you have done then the person below you gains a point for each one they have done for example if you have done 3/5 things listed then you would reply like this

3/5 (can elaborate if you want)

I’ll start

Never have I ever…

  1. Urinated in a public place other than a public toilet.

  2. Kissed a random person

  3. Cried because someone else was upset

  4. Watched the same movie more than 3 times

  5. Said you were fine when you were screaming internally.


This is a great idea!

Next person:
Never have I ever…

  1. Pretended to know a stranger
  2. Fake laughed at a joke you didn’t get
  3. Imagined killing someone
  4. Stalked someone on social media
  5. Eaten dog/cat food

Next person, never have I ever…

  1. Gottan a tattoo
  2. Been kicked out out of a public place for my own someone else’s behavior
  3. Had any social media besides Instagram and Snapchat
  4. Been attracted to a fictional character
  5. Lied in this game

2/5 and no lying isn’t one of them ha ha

Never have I ever

  1. Taken a poop in a public toilet
  2. Quit a job
  3. Spent the night in hospital for someone else (stayed with someone all night who was in hospital.)
  4. Thought you were actually going to die (for real)
  5. Laughed so hard it became painful, you couldn’t breath and turned purple :flushed::joy::joy:
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1/5 :sweat_smile: (the laughing one)

Never have I ever

  1. Been on a sports team
  2. Had a pet dog
  3. Gotten anything besides my ears pierced
  4. Had an android phone
  5. Eaten oysters
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Never have I ever

  1. Eaten till I puked
  2. Screamed in pain (high pitched)
  3. Broken my phone
  4. Slept half the day
  5. Pretend you liked your friends boyfriend/girlfriend but secretly hated them

Ha ha ha… the laughing one… I was at college and randomly started laughing (I don’t know why but it happened when we were supposed to be silent reading.) that made my friend laugh which made me laugh hard, that made her laugh harder which made me laugh even harder. I couldn’t control it and had to leave the room while laughing extremely loudly. I must have spent 5 minutes in the girls toilets laughing for no reason, struggling to breathe, eyes streaming and turning purple from lack of oxygen. When I had calmed down. I waited a few minutes to compose myself went back to lesson and apologised. I apologised again when the lesson was over and was told “it’s fine, but what was so funny?” I told her that I honestly didn’t know :sweat_smile::joy::joy:

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I think a lot of us are guilty of this :flushed:

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+1 for you guys then! :joy:

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4/5 :pleading_face: :raised_hand: I’ll go again-
Never have I ever:

  1. Watched Euphoria
  2. Kept more then 1 brand of chapstick
  3. Lived in a different country or location
  4. Had a guilty pleasure :thinking: I think… Like saying you don’t like Justin Bieber but you listen to his music…
  5. Threw up anywhere besides my own home

2/5 (not sure if it’s classed as a guilty pleasure :joy:.)

Never have I ever

  1. Lied about going somewhere to avoid going out
  2. Got drunk before the legal age (I only did this once and I was nearly 18 anyway so not that bad🤣)
  3. Sprained a part of your body
  4. Slapped someone
  5. Accidentally hurt your pet then spent all day feeling major guilty about it
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  1. Gotten SUPER drunk
  2. Spent a whole day in my room without food or water
  3. Cheated in a really easy exam 'cause you were too lazy to study
  4. Swore at your parents
  5. Modelled in front of your mirror in your underwear :joy:
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Never have I ever

  1. Spent the whole day in my room watching tiktok.
  2. Made a very big mistake that no one knows.
  3. Laughed at a joke my crush made but didn’t get it.
  4. Sang a song to a friend but didn’t know the actual lyrics.
  5. Lied about being sick to avoid school.
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Never Have I ever

  1. Almost killed somebody
  2. Asked 25 random boys their snap in ONE DAY
  3. Slapped your crush
  4. Screamed your favorite song in the car while people outside could hear.
  5. Been asked out by your crush but you say no
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Never Have I Ever

  1. Told A Secret On Accident
  2. Burped When You Where Trying To Say Something But No Words Came Out
  3. Dated Someone On Line
  4. Forgot The Lyrics To A Song You Knew By Heart?
  5. Told People When You Where Little You Wanted To Be An Animal When You Where Little I Wanted To Be A Horse

Never have I ever

  1. Drawn a self portrait
  2. Driven a car
  3. Failed a class
  4. Met a celebrity
  5. Laughed hard enough to where a liquid came out of my nose
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Never have I ever…

  1. Crossed the road even when cars are coming
  2. Kissed a newborn baby
  3. Coded an episode story for 10 hours straight
  4. Kissed a dog
  5. Dated a celeb

Never Have I Ever…

  1. Baby Sat.
  2. Got Out Of Doing Something You Never Wanted To
  3. Got Chased By A Dog
  4. Got A Job You Wanted
  5. Told Your Crush You Are In Love With Someone Else

(2,3,4) 3/5

Never I have ever

  1. Stuck in a broken lift
  2. Slap someone because of some other person’s fault
  3. Save someone’s life
  4. Catch rat from one hand
  5. Fly on a bird’s back😜

The only one I’ve done is the second one
:joy: I can explain

I’m interested in what the 5th one meant

Never have I ever

  1. Stayed awake for 24hrs for medical reasons
  2. Eaten so much I couldn’t walk after
  3. Bruised a large section of your body (currently my elbow to me knuckles is black :joy: yes it’s painful.)
    4.cried but didn’t know why
  4. Thrown a drink over the wrong person

1/5 (Eaten so much :sweat_smile:)
I took all of that from google :joy:

  • Never have I ever shaved my body hair into a random shape for a laugh.
  • Never have I ever eaten dog/cat food.
  • Never have I ever flashed someone.
  • Never have I ever eaten what I knew was someone else’s food.
  • Never have I ever laughed so hard I peed myself.