Never have I ever (the tv show)

So I have a quick question to anyone who watches never have a ever the Netflix series. Do you ship Devi and Ben or Devi and Paxton?

  • Devi and Ben
  • Devi and Paxton

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Feel free to write your opinions in the comments and why you ship one or the other.

Paxton is hot. But he treats Devi like a second choice. Ben has my heart :kissing_heart:, It could be because I like enemies to lovers relationships lol.


Devi and Paxton :heart_eyes:

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Yes I totally agree with you. Paxton was always late with his feelings and has always been ashamed of her. #bevi4ever

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I just got hooked on this show, so mad I have wait for season 3

Same here. I can’t wait until season 3


I’m almost scared to watch season 2
Sounds like she’s gonna make more bad decision and mess everything up again :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

It’s kind of a complicated decision

Whenever Devi is hurt Paxton is always the one to go and help her while Ben (and her friends) always stand at the sideline an watch…

But at the same time Ben does everything right, like when he let her stay in his house or when he encouraged her to spread her dad ashes I just feel like paxton wouldn’t have done that instead give her bedroom eyes and shii

Also season 2 made me kind of iffy about Paxton…he really blamed Devi for him getting hit by the car when it was really his fault and decided to use that and make her do his work for him, He’s also used to having yes man and it gets kind of annoying.

Lastly but if I was Devi my ego would NEVER allow me to date or want a guy that was embarrassed of me :joy:


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Totally agree. I was teamben since their first kiss at the end of season 1 and I loved seeing Ben jealous at the end of season 2. Hopefully Ben and Devi will end up together at the end

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I loved that scene where she was admitting she crossed the line, ‘like the line was here, and I was all the way over there’ :joy:

I did? What was it?

That scene was great :joy::joy:

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