Never Have I Ever!



Never have I ever eaten bacon~


never- I’m vegan

NHIE drank a whole bottle of water in 25 seconds



NHIE Loved frogs


I have

NHIE had to be injected with a needle several times in one seating


Yeet, stabbed with a needle twice for a vaccination, sighhh.

Never have I ever stuck gum under my desk.



Never have I ever whispered something bad about the teacher to another student and was caught? :smiling_imp:


Yes :no_mouth:

Never Have I Ever went inside a treehouse?


Nope, never. :deciduous_tree:

Never have I ever did the splits in public in front of so many people and it hurt like crazy? :scream:


No :cold_sweat:

Never Have I Ever tasted Indian Cuisine? :curry:


I have :smile:

Never have I ever went on a hot air balloon?


Never. Heights are my fear :joy:

Never have I ever copied the person next to me’s answer from a test?


I did it today :sunglasses::joy:
NHIE failed a subject?


Never. I’m a nerd :joy::slightly_frowning_face:

Never have I ever threw up on a teacher


no :disappointed:
NHIE felt left out by a group of friends lmao :joy:


All the freaking time :joy:

Never have I ever fallen off my chair purposely to impress a girl/boy
(Be funny)


… Lmao nahhhh
NHIE threw something at someone who was being annoying?


I do that lots. I hit someone in the forehead with a bottle today lmao :joy:

Never have I ever gone trick or treating by myself


i have, my friends bailed on me to go with other people.

NHIE: been pushed gown a flight of stairs


Yep. My brother is so mean to me :joy::sob:

Never have I ever kicked a stranger on accident and pretended it was my friend


i have

NHIE magged someone by accident