Never Have I Ever!


Nope but both my parents and grandparents have lol (it’s because the country from where they came has big trees)

I wish I could climb one but I swear, in the area where I live the trees are like babies : /

Never have I ever worn a mask, picked up a chainsaw, and scared someone who walked through the front door? :smiling_imp:


I have

NHIE not laughed at “try not to laugh” videos


Never have I ever pretended to be sick so you don’t have to go out with friends…
(Lmao, I couldn’t think of anything better)


Never. I have no friends except internet ones.

Never have i ever cooked my own food?


Yes, I do that almost all the time :smiley:

Never Have I Ever seen the RP Fairytale-d?


I have not

Never have I ever watched Riverdale


Never :joy: (don’t judge me)!

Never Have I Ever bad-talked a person without the person knowing?


I have…

Never have I ever stole something


I have stole the invigilator teacher’s pencil during the last five minutes of Science Examination :relieved:

Never Have I Ever Done An Episode Edit?


I have! (It wasn’t very good)

Never have I ever done something illegal


Never (I am not that brave and spontaneous :joy:)

Never Have I Ever sat over someone’s tomb? I was tiny, I was a moron…I had no idea it was someone’s dead body in an ancient container I had sat on…until the guard ran to me and told me that and I screamed so loud…


Never… :joy:

Never have I ever been to Australia


Never, it’s like the other side of the world :joy:

Never have I ever talked to someone famous?


I have The founder of Microsoft Corp, The chairman of Facebook and The Author of The Blue Umbrella :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :shushing_face:

Never Have I Ever slapped someone in public?


I have

NHIE been bowling and actually won a game


I have :raising_hand_woman::raising_hand_woman:

Never have I ever seen a baby turtle.


I have!! It was so freaking cute :heart_eyes:

Never have I ever almost drowned?


Never :swimming_woman:

Never Have I Ever thought of becoming Doctor Strange?


NHIE got a tattoo?


Not a permanent one

NHIE swum in an ocean.