Never Have I Ever!



NHIE lied about being on my period?


… I think I have actually… once… 4 years ago… to get out of P.E.

NHIE lost a key?


Oh I have

NHIE stole a mask?


No… (why would I steal a mask? :joy:)

Never Have I Ever cried with my best friend over something?


Yes… all the time. I cary a lot. Like a lot a lot. When I’m scared, sad, happy… all the time :joy:

NHIE Um, auccessfully done an all nighter


No…I tried to, but…no :joy:

Never Have I Ever held a fast without even drinking water?


Nope… never tried
HHIE ate a bug


Ew no :joy:

NHIE performed a speech in front of a large crowd?


Yeah I would consider it a big crowd

NHIE had somebody lift me up and attemp to walk away with me


Lmao yes it was so much fun :joy:

NHIE had someone push me into a pool?


No I wouldn’t do that :blush:

NHIE lied about going somewhere to avoid someone I don’t like?


Lmao YAS.
NHIE overslept school.


No but I did miss the bus on purpose so I could avoid school but my parents just drop me off then :unamused:

NHIE faked being sick to stay home from school?


Looool yeah!
NHIE felt awkward around strangers?


I’m very shy so yes
NHIE tried to dance at school and only embarrassed myself?



Never have I ever liked eating fish.


Yuck, nope, I don’t eat fish :nauseated_face:

Never have I ever went to a Broadway show? :sparkles:


NHIE went on X-factor? Or anything similar?


NHIE Ate white chocolate, dark chocolate and milk chocolate at the same time


never loool
NHIE was good at guessing someones zodiac?