Never Have I Ever!


That happen ed yesterday shit I didn’t go to school today, and I forgot I have 3 test today zbtlpqb damn it

NHIE kept my room clean for a month straight


Nope. You can say a week?

NHIE broken into someone house with my friends


Nope, Never happend

NHIE send a picture of my ass to someone


Nope :smiley:
NHIE broken something at a friend’s house and then not told them


yes, then she got so mad at me cauz her parents think it’s her :grinning:
NHIE fell asleep on the toilet


Nope :cowboy_hat_face:

NHIE like someone and claimed that I dont


Probably yes. I can’t remember any specific incidences.

NHIE fired a gun.


I held one but never fired.

NHIE farted aND blamed someone else for it?


Umm… Yes.

Never Have I Ever Farted and Blamed Someone Else For It And Lied About It :smirk:


Hell yes! Thats why I asked in the first place.

NHIE Puked on someone else’s clothes


Kinda… I once puked on my family’s carpet because I couldn’t make it to the bathroom.

Never have I ever played chess before


I have, many times.

NHIE kissed my crush


I’ve never kissed anyone…

NHIE went sky diving


Never. I am too scared to do that

NHIE left the television on the whole day


I’ve probably done that lol.

NHIE went without a shower for a week


That’s gross but I am gross too so yeah I did

NHIE went for a walk at midnight


I wish, I’d be too scared to do that.

NHIE encountered a creep…


Oh damn, I have…

NHIE not loved Christmas.


Kinda… yeah… This year I’m just not as excited about it…

NHIE read all the Harry Potter books in two weeks


I have read the entire series in two weeks, yes.

NHIE worn make-up for a regular day.