Never Have I Ever!

NHIE estan worms

I have eaten gummy worms, but not actual worms.

Never have I ever pooped in my underwear.


NHIE dated someone online

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Yes sadly

NHIE: Spent a whole all nighters with a friend

yes, way too many lol I’m still working on catching up on sleep from that and that was over 7 years ago

NHIE drank a gallon of water

Not in one sitting
NHIE spoken 2 languages fluently

I have (English and Spanish).

NHIE read a LGBT story on Episode.

I have not
NHIE be a volunteer

I have a few times

NHIE: Questioned yourself?

I have.

NHIE stepped over someone’s foot (deliberately).

I have

NHIE stole something from a store(being little doesn’t count)

Nhie sleep in school

NHIE cheated on a test.

I have. Twenty six times in my life. Yup, that happened, Lol.

NHIE had a one night stand.

Nope, I’m not a one-night stand kind of girl :sweat_smile:

NHIE dyed my hair a crazy color.

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Nope, but I have dyed others’ hair in crazy colors, so :rofl:

NHIE threw up on seeing something absolutely gruesome happening in a horror movie!

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Me too

NHIE proposed a boy :sweat_smile:

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Oh… no, never, I swear :rofl:

NHIE peed my pants during an interview?

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Ewww… Never :joy:

NHIE liked to eat jackfruit

Idek what that is so never :joy:

NHIE posted the wrong thing on the wrong thread and quickly deleted it

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