Never Have I Ever!



NHIE had feelings for my bestfriend



Never have I ever been completely heartbroken.


I have.
NHIE put my ex’s clothes on fire



Never Have I Ever fall of a slide.



Never Have I Ever confessed on The Confession Thread?


I haveee

Never have I ever hit anyone on purpose.


I have.
NHIE went to jail


Me neither…

Never have I ever cut my hair short.


NHIE dyed my hair red


I do that a lot I get so into what I’m reading it well be like 9:00 pm minute and the next it well be like 4 am and I’m like dang I should go to sleep lol


Then the book should be an interesting one?


I love to read I just reread Mockingbird
Novel by Kathryn Erskine I love that book I read all the time though lol .


Nawww, my mother would go cray-cray and succumb herself to a cardiac arrest…So, no cuz I’m a good person :grin:

Never Have I Ever put on a celebrity Profile Pic?


Okay… I admit it… I have

Never have I ever wore a foundation that was too dark



NHIE went shopping with my bestfriend a whole day


I have! It was awesome!

Never Have I Ever stole something from the mall and got away with it?


#shopping spree!

But I have never stole anything from the mall! I stick to the grocery store to get potato chips…

Never Have I Ever peed in my pants?


I haven’t
& I’m glad

NHIE bought Girl Scout cookies


Are those yummy cookies or what the only cookies I eat are chips ahoy!

NHIE get suspended for a day at secondary school?



NHIE ate a cake. A whole birthday cake.