Never mind Guys

I’m trying to use gains, but its not working.

What should I do?

“Say you don’t know,get by smooth”{
gain don’t_know

    LAZRIA (talk_shrug)
Sorry no idea.

    LAQUITA (talk_arms_crossed)
Well then, stay safe and have a nice day Lazria.

    LAZRIA (idle_sit_slouch)
Well do.

}“I know what happened,take the punishment”{
gain I_know
LAZRIA (talk_sit_reassure)
Yes, I started the fire.

&LAQUITA is think

    LAZRIA (talk_sit_neutral_deny)
Not purposely though, I had accidentally let the grill stay on.

    LAQUITA (talk_gossip)
I'm sorry, to say this Lazria but you will have to take 30 days of community service.


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