Never mind, i don’t need anything <3

@Sydney_H or @Jeremy please close :slightly_smiling_face:

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I can help!

Fill this out please!

do u have exampless :))

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Yes. Do you want just any or covers?

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anything is fine !

I have more. But just tell me if you want more.

oh oops i forgot to say i wanted it drawn but thank u !

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The first one is drawn! But I can still give you one!

So you don’t need me help??

i dont think so but thank u !

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Try it. Sorry I think that was a little too much. I think it might work. Maybe not.

Sure? Ok.

@lvqbrl do you need any help at all or is it safe to close this? Thanks!

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i still need help :)) i accidentally clicked on solution, but thank you!

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i cant pay for anything, but thank you anyway.

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hi ok do u have examples ? <3

unfortunately that’s not exactly what i want but thank you!