Never mind, i don’t need anything <3


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Try it. Sorry I think that was a little too much. I think it might work. Maybe not.

Sure? Ok.

@kinghuddy do you need any help at all or is it safe to close this? Thanks!

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i still need help :)) i accidentally clicked on solution, but thank you!

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i cant pay for anything, but thank you anyway.

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hi ok do u have examples ? <3

unfortunately that’s not exactly what i want but thank you!

i’m not looking for that art style though. thank you.

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just a different one

She’s probably looking for a realistic kinda version


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i’m allowed to have my preferences for my story.

i just need a cover.

i wanted a different style. it’s nothing against you.

True true, but let’s all chill nOw :kissing_smiling_eyes::v:

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they’re not. i just need 3 characters. i’m willing to wait for a while. i just wanted a different art style. you’re talented, just a different style.

okay? i’ll find one i guess. but i don’t want your art style unfortunately. that’s all.

What would the cover look like? I love to help people with their stories but I wanna know if it inspires me before :slight_smile:
Example btw…

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Personally, I don’t like how this is going. You want something realistic, but did you do any research? Most of the people who do great art have paid for applications to make them look like this. Mine cost £10. Some people just don’t have that money to loosely spend on apps. But I get it, I used to be where you are, and then I stopped relying on others and did it myself. I reccomend ProCreate (IOS 12+ only)