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[spoiler]Hiya! I’m in the process of writing my second story and contest entry - Fantastical : The Dead and the Wicked. And I have to create a ton of background characters!

So… I thought why not ask here? That way I get some BG characters, and you get to possibly see the character you created!
Just post down below a screenshot of the character’s details, and I’ll take care of the outfit!

Please note as these are background characters, no credit will be given for them. I hope you can understand, and I hope this doesn’t come off as rude.[/spoiler]

just let this die, is okay

Where have you posted? I’m interested?

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I would like to be a background character in your story.

What style characters are you doing? Ink or Limelight?

LL! Just added that in an edit to the post.

Here you go.


Top Secret Character Details