Nevermind- an ok-ish story i made that i would like to be famous as i put blood sweat tears and some stuff i don't recognize into it

Hey! I recently (15/11/19) published a story, Nevermind. Named after the album. I didn’t spell it wrong. I have good spelling. Stop being a hater.
This post was more for me than anyone else, to document my journey, so feel free to read… or not.
It isn’t an R4R thread though, but I do have one if you’d like to.


“Chaotic energy, top grades and green hair have never looked so mildly attractive. Reality TV and an epic battle of the bands can’t screw up the agenda that much, can it? Hope not.”
Genre: Comedy
*Episodes: 4 (as of 21/11/19) more coming soon
Style: INK, Cinematic
More details below.


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Rockstar asks: amazing, brilliant, talented, a masterpiece -me
Reply: Thanks me! I hope everyone can be this kind! Lol hell no jk every1 hates eyery1 (15/11/19)

Silver Lady asks: A really fun, enjoyable story.
Reply: Thank youuuu! I totally didn’t ask you to fanmail me lol hehe (16/11/19)

Ava asks: amazzing
Reply: Thank you!!! Again, I totally did not ask you to write in my fanmail 'cos it makes me feel special (wink, wink.) (17/11/19)

:ear_of_rice: Latin Salad :ear_of_rice: asks: Yo yo yo, I like your story. Song suggestion (cause you asked): Do I wanna know by the Artic Monkeys or Strange Powers by the Magnetic Fields. Hope you publish chapter four soon!
Reply: Chapter 4 is cooking in the oven! Weird analogy given my characters and I are incompetent and have a culinary repertoire (wow, big words), of toast, but you know. Thanks so much on the songs! I think I’ve heard them before, but will be sure to give 'em a listen! (18/11/19)

Gabi asks: I like your story. Keep it up.
Reply: Thanks so much! Btw, read her (above’s) story, Anywhere But Here, it’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Episode four out by Wednesday at the latest, or possibly even tonight! (18/11/19)

Shaya Anne asks: so far so good i really enjoy the story and it’s pretty interesting sorry if i am bugging you with this question but is there any romance in this story or like love interests or
Reply: Hi there! You’re not bugging me at all! There will indeed be a love interest, but it won’t be a main plot drive or some crazy love triangle that makes normal people like me want to cry. It will be there, but realistic, understated, and non-toxic. Unlike Ash and all her other relationships lol (21/11/19)


by me!

I worked really hard on this and it is my first story, so I hope you enjoy it!
Even if you just try one or two episodes, it’d make my day!

Have a great morning/afternoon/evening/night, and DON’T SHARE FOOD!
lol bye


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