Nevermind for this



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I might be able to help. I’m also a new author so I don’t have a whole lot of experience but maybe we can help each other out?


yes i would like that ur hired


how sexsist


Sorry I don’t need ur help anymore bye


No offence but you seem rude and I have my reasons for my “girls only” specification


one i didnt mean to seam rude and YOU cant just clump to conclucions like that.

and what reasons could you posible have to dont allow boys to join if they want.

the mean person here is YOU

and that’s not to seam mean


FYI, she can do whatever she wants, it’s her story.


FYI i dont care about here story i care about letting every one in to episode community and if you dont,
well that sucks for you because i wanna do the right thing


hmm i dont care how you think i spell
and i know you lay that one because you dont have anything to say against my opinion
and for starters this is none of youre buisness and i din’dt even mean start getting like this to her but she din’dt really do anything to help it sothinkbefore you speak


Well, maybe if you can give me a brief explanation about what happened, maybe I can understand, and stop ‘being mean to you’ :roll_eyes:


i dont need to explain anything to you, you can just look for yourself


@NatAttac_101 @Hannah_minna This has all gone kind of off topic and is unnecessary.

If @Chloe_LeAnn_Wilfawn wants just girls, she must have a valid reason so nobody else can judge her for wanting that and it is her thread to ask for help or voice an opinion.

Please just stop because it is all unnecessary drama and leave each other alone. :slight_smile:


THANK YOU! For once, someone understands!


thank you WinterMoon05


yeah you would never do that t




you know what sorry that was mean and unneasesary i am sorry about the way i wrote to you
it wasn’t my intension to hurt anyone sorry i dont need this i just meant for people to understand that this is 2018 and we are all welcome to everything
so i just thought she at least could explain her self
and that’s it am tho sorry
and my spelling is beacuse my computer is annoying


I’m sorry too. I am just known as sticking up for myself, ALOT! So, if anybody says something to me I freak out, and defend myself. Hey, also, do you need any splashes, covers etc?


me too :grinning::grinning:
and actually yes i do
would you please help me???