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Hey!! I am looking for an artist to do a cover for me…

My Story is in INK and it would be a fairly simple request. I would need this done by the end of April (if possible) so if anyone is able to or knows if anyone is able to do this for me that would be great!

If anyone is interested I can request on an official thread with more detail or PM you

Thanks!! :heart:


Hey girl! Here is mine and my friend’s art shop where you can request a cover! Mi Adore Artshop(OPEN)

I can make a an edited one if you want.

I can make u a drawn one but only if it’s waist up :sweat_smile:

@Samantha79 @Frey do y’all have any examples by chance ?

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I can make an edited cover without custom poses. My examples are in my shop.

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Yea…All mah recent ones are contest entries tho

(Outline by @/PaigeBarr)

(Outline by @/AnaliyahWrites)


Character Sheets/edited pfps for fun :two_hearts:

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