Nevermind I'm good

I don’t need opinions anymore


Its very very good :heart_eyes::two_hearts:

I mean no offence here, but don’t forget that there’s no harm in using screenshots of the characters for a cover rather than tracing them. Don’t let me discourage you or tell you how to live your life though!

I know, and no, I do not take any offence to that there’s no reason to, I wanted opinions to see if I should stick to this or do screenshots of the characters before I post my story, so Thank You for your opinion

Thank You

The girl looks cute and perfect , don’t change her with screenshot :sweat: but …ya …maybe a little work on guy​:sweat_smile: he looks nice , but as the girl is looking so perfect , he should be look a little too :thinking:
(But that’s just me​:sweat_smile:)I love the girl , plz, don’t change her with screenshot :tired_face:

they’re good for a beginner! I would recommend you get rid of the stray marks outlinig them or take screenshots and cut them out