New a partner to write a story with me.. Pls help me am sure we will make s great team


I want some one to partner up with me to make a story… If you want help message pls::grinning: :


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Hello, I’d love to be your writing partner!


If you haven’t find anyone, I can.


Let’s know each other a bit and I’m ready to have & be a loyal writing partner from beginning till end.
Ani Ray
(if interested reply me.)


Hi, @dollyrose, @tikka.episode
Thanks for your offering to help me by being my writing partner, but before that can we talk a little about each other to know each other better?
Thanks, By the way, I mainly need with coding and advanced directing. Have you written any story before? I am a total novice at those things.

Waiting for your reply.



Hi @Doubra23
have you got someone or else… we can try to be writing partners…may be?

Let me know, okay?



Hi! I think we would make a great team:(+1:t3):


Sure thing! I can totally help out with coding and advanced directing. I don’t have any stories published quite yet, but I do have some that I made during my free time.


glad to hear that. But how is that going to happen? I am very punctual kind of a person and we all are from different time zone. None of us knows anything about the other. So, I’d be very glad to be a part of a “great team”, just tell me how and what to do to achieve this?
Waiting for reply,

Ani Ray :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello @dollyrose, :rose:
I am very much happy to hear that you are ready to help me. But how is that going to happen? Shall I post my story’s chapters here and you can rectify my mistakes and by looking at those I’ll try to learn to coding by myself, maybe?
Can we know each other a little bit? And do you want my story’s link here or at the email? I prefer email.

Kindly let me know your likes, choices and preferences and the opposites of these too! :grin: :rofl:

I am waiting for your answer because I really want to publish my story. If possible show me your story/stories too. Do not bother about how much finished or unfinished that story is, maybe if you want we can finish that with a great twist of a story plot?! :+1:t2: :slightly_smiling_face:

Let me know.
Stay Well,

Ani.14 :hibiscus:


Hey ,I am new to this n I’m looking forward to writing a story n could use some advice n assistance .Basically I need a writing partner ,so if anyone’s interested please let me know .


let’s start with an introduction and an important question, have you written any chapter for your story? What kind of help do you expect? :grinning:

Ani.14 :+1:t2:


Hi I’m Elsa .I’m 16 n I read stories on episode .I thought maybe I could try my hand at writing so…Well I’ve not started writing yet but I have a story in my mind .I’m finding trouble creating the story on episode .I mean there are no guidelines n I’m not able to direct .


I completed writing 1 chapter of the story but it’s not getting shared .Do we have to complete the story in order to share it ?? Please tell me.What’s the problem??


I would like that, but how would you like know eacht other?
I have written a story before, but didn’t publish due to circumstances.


The episodes are published only when you are done with Minimum 3 chapters. No need to write the full story at a time. After writing 3 episodes you’ll get the link to share, Dear. Keep ypur writing on & don’t be disheartened. :slight_smile:
Ani. 14


Thanks . I’d like to make friends with u .


Hi There,
Thanks for your interest to become my friend. I am from India, by profession I’m an Animator. My birthday is on 14th Feb. I am a drifted soul, I wander in the Oblivion.
Here in episode, I’m recruited as The Grammar Checker. Besides I’m trying to write my own story for the first time here, but I’m facing issues with coding and directing. Still I know I’ll complete my story sooner or later and I shall post/publish that as well. But it would help a ton to have a partner who knows coding and other programming.
What about you_!? Please introduce yourself. And yes, if our wave length matches we can surely be friends.
Where are you from? How old are you (if you mind me asking this, I apologize) ? When’s your birthday? What do you do? Whar are your hobbies and what makes you crazy? I’m crazy about rain, hills & mountain and pets/animals.

I’ll share my email address once I get response from you again. Till then… Bye. Take Care.



I’m a college student I’m 16 I’m from India too . I like singing ,reading books n stories in episodes ,I love pets but don’t have any n I like hiking .But I want you to know that I don’t know anything about coding ,but I’ll try to help you out in any way possible .Let me know if u r interested n by the way don’t mind but what’s your age ,I get curious sometimes ,u see