New accessory for characters

I don’t know if I’m in the right place, I hope I am.
In the accessories section for ink and limelight char, I know you have the bandages
for the char being hurt or really injured, but what about ‘band aids?’
Like char get into minor scuffle and a little cut across the face?

If this accessory is already present I didn’t see it!

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If you are trying to set out a request for the art team then you have it out wrong and this will end up closed.

Ok? I am still a newbie can you tell me how it should be addressed?

Alright, thank you, good to know.
Now I’ll know for future post.

There is already a band-aid in the art catalog

I know now, I just found it, but it’s only on the left side of the cheek! I placed it on my char and I’m trying to see if the accessory rotate according to which angle char is standing making it able to be seen.

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Topic closed due to violation of Feature Request Guidelines. Please review the guidelines and contact @Sydney_H (be sure to link the thread!) to discuss editing and reopening topic. :smiley: