New Adulting Shelf Recommendations

Today, the episodecreators had made a post about them working on an Adulting shelf about stories that feature young adults with jobs/careers or other responsibilities on Instagram. If you have Instagram, and you seen this today, I advise you to recommend less known authors’ stories. Not so much of popular authors, but less known authors whose stories fit this category.


I recommended a story called Answer Me by @pottercreep , when I read it two days ago it had only 40 reads. It’s excellent directing and the MC is an Artist in college, which plays a big part in the overall plot.


Ah, yes! I recommended The Pregnancy Curse by @Dr.Smile07, which is a new story that I recently reviewed and loved. Both main characters have an afternoon job and responsibilities that go with that.

If anyone wants to recommend my story (since the MC’s career is the basis of the story), feel free to do so. :slight_smile:

Wow, I can’t believe YOU recommended me. Thank you! You’re one of my favorite authors, and I really appreciate this. :heart_eyes:

I think my story fits the category as well. The MC is a young adult facing the real world.