New and Improved group project members

I would have done this sooner but YOLO :neutral_face::sweat_smile::joy::rofl::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
1 The Leader: Those biatches who dm you on Instagram, WhatsApp and google projects and let’s not forget hangout lol like they care about you but rly they just want to know if you’ve gotten any work on the project done, they take on the role of the leader even though there was no need for a self appointed lard-ass in the first place but they’re cool cause no work gets done without them
2 The Sideliner: The one who singlehandedly does all the work and gets none of the credit because they’re too shy to be the speaker on presentation day and are too shy to give the leader a piece of their mind! I def fall under this category lol :laughing:
3 The Artsy one: They do all the art stuff but most of the time just do nothing and constitute nothing whatsoever to the group they usually talk to the sideliner all the time and distract them from doing the work (it’s rly annoying, if you’re an artsy one, know that chances are the sideliner wants you out of the group)
4 The RAT ASS BITCH: They act like they were a part of the project but really all they did was listen to the 60th remix of old town road while playing ouija board in the foyer of your house
5 The Slacker: They will help at first but later on will just stop showing up to meetings, which is exactly y you can nvr trust them to be the speaker bcause you’re not even sure if they’ll show up on presentation day
6 The hot ones: The flirted their way into the group with the smart kids for a good grade to impress their parents (stereotypical and cliche but they do! Exist)
7 The one who just stay in the corner: another friend of the sideliner, the one with nothing special about them, they just stay in the corner and are incredibly shy (sometimes this is me when I just don’t feel like contributing anything to the project)
8 The clueless ones: They skipped group choosing day so they have no idea they are in your group and they just exist
That’s all lol post in the comments anyone’s I missed

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