New and Improved 💝 R4R WELCOME


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Hey all thx for this thread. Here is my story and a bit of info about it.
Name: Between the Wolds. An Untold Story.
Genre: Fantasy
Art Scenes: Yes unprofessional
CC: Limited due to the story
Plot: Armitia is a dragon thorn between what she wants and what she has to do. What will you choose.


Sequel will come. Choices matters. Happy ending or not :slight_smile:


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Hi! :blush:
I’m a new author and I’ve just published my first story a few days ago. I would really appreciate it if you guys would check it out!

Up for R4R :relaxed:
Send me a private if your interested in doing a R4R.

Title: Entangled
Author: Wistful_Haze74
Genre: Mystery/Fantasy
Chapters Released: 3 (more coming soon)
Style: Limelight

Alternate realities coexist. Through the use of forbidden magic, realities were altered for power. Will your choices help overthrow the King or will it reveal the truth?


background credits : episodeassemble and Wincy_yellow for the background of this cover

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Thank you for this thread:))
I’d love to do a r4r
My story
Story title : Audacious

Author :Luna

Instagram: @luna.episode

Description:Deep inside the lower east side of New York,all that Vanessa Hills had ever known was constantly struggling between working multiple jobs and taking-care of her family.That was until a single watch changed everything.

Genres :Drama , Romance , Comedy

Limelight-full CC-M/F LI-Art scenes

Link to the story:

The covers:

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