New and looking to create covers!


Hi! My name is Maliyah. I have just rejoined this community after some time off. I have been gone for a while (back with the old forums) and while I was gone I discovered my love of drawing and editing.

I would love to work with some of you amazing writers with art. I unfortunately do not have any episode covers to show you, but I have sketches.

When it comes to working with you, I’ll normally sketch it out then edit it, anyways. So if you guys would like maybe a look at some of my sketches I could show some, or if you just want a cover, let me know and I’ll make a quick sketch, get approval and edit it into the episode style of choice.

While requesting please enter a screenshot of the character(s) included in the title and any desired detail.

I’m so excited! See you soon!

PS: The sketch may be in Manga, Chibi, Anime, or semi realistic style, but it won’t affect your cover. It is just so you get a general idea of positions, expressions, etc. (and it doesn’t have to be an episode position/expression, since I’m drawing it make it whatever)


That’s amazing, could I see examples? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, can you show me some sketches?


Now obviously some of these are relatively older sketches but it gives you an idea. I really hate the cartoony ones because of the anatomy, but it’s just to see what I offer. I sketched some hair just because I like those better than more styles. I also included the sort of arm anatomy sketch just to see some of the positions (even though it’s pretty bad lol) but I didn’t tale much time in any of these when they were drawn.

Also the mermaid tail is just for those into fantasy and what not.

P.M me to see them because I’m a new user and I don’t want to send 1 photo at a time! Hehe


Sure! I am a new user so please p.m me to see them because I can only send 1 picture at a time!


Moved to Art Resources section as that’s where art requests/exchanges live! :v:t2:


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