New and Need help finding stories to read

i just downloaded this app to read community stories but all the app offers me is like ten features stories. i can’t find a search bar or a browsing function and i’m really getting frustrated. i’m on an ios.

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Red square, hun

PS: welcome! :blue_heart:

I don’t have one of those :frowning:

How about this

nothing there, like did i miss something?

Have you created a sign in?

i think so? i logged in with google, at least. i went to settings, log in and that’s all it let me do.

@Ryan @Dara.Amarie @Purple_Ghost is she missing a step?

I’m having the same issue! I’ve made an account and everything and when I first got the App I could look at user stories. Then when started reading one, the option to search or look at user stories via the side bar, disappeared. :weary: I’m on IPhone !

That’s weird that the tabs and search bar are missing. I’m assuming it is fully updated. I just opened it for the first time on my iPod (no account set up) and I have all of the tabs and User stories. Since you wouldn’t be losing anything, I would try deleting and re-downloading the app. If that doesn’t work, submit a support ticket.

yeah i’ve already done that. i suppose i’ll try a ticket then. thanks!

Title: Savannah’s Light
Genre: Mystery
Episode: 3 and ongoing
Summary: Pearle’s visions of her sister are getting stronger and the message is becoming clearer. Will these visions causes Pearle’s highschool experience to crumble?

@rlsm Hi! If you submit a ticket to the support team they can help you out with this!