New and needing a LOT of help undestanding the Writer's portal/directing

Okay so hello! My name is Haley!

I know there are a million people who have created a topic when they’re new and they’ve probably asked all the same questions but I can’t seem to find the answers to my questions in any of the other threads I’ve looked through.

I don’t know very much about the writer’s portal obviously but I’ve gotten a few of the basics from the tutorial, like entering a scene and moving, etc. However, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get my character off screen to where the speech bubble shows but they don’t. I have tried the spot helper but when I update and preview, they’re still on screen. I also don’t know how to insert sounds without adding dialogue and really I’m just hoping someone can kinda walk me through the absolute basics.

I would also be open to writing out my story completely and collaborating with someone who is better with the directing part if there’s anyone out there that would want to do that. I’m just feeling a little in over my head right now.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice <3

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Hey. So for having them off screen you have to make sure your spot bottom is on scale not move.
But if your character is stand say screen center in zone 2 to make them off screen you could do this.
(This is an example.)
@DANIELLE318 enters from left to screen center THEN pan to zone 2 AND DANIELLE318 walks to screen center in zone 2
&DANIELLE318 faces right
DANIELLE318 (talk_armscrossed_neutral_loop)
@DANIELLE318 walks to screen center in zone 3
(So she is now off screen)

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I felt like you once! And directing is STILL HARD! What you can do is have the character stand in a different zone. Do you understand what zones are? And you’d have to spot position the character (sounds super confusing, but not when you get the hang of it).
Ok so go into the app and ya know get on the story, and there’s gonna be a button that probably says “directing” and click that and then there’s gonna be a button for spot positioning.
Click that, make sure your character is ya know on screen, then just move the character around- like where you want the character to go, then there are going to be numbers and copy those numbers down.
The format on the script will be

@CHARACTER spot (numbers) in zone #
Your character will be in a different zone than where the speechbubble is.

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All you need to do is just place your character in a different zone so that they are offscreen:

@CHARACTER stands screen center in zone 2

If they’re in zone 1, place them in zone 2. If they’re in zone 2, place them in zone 1.

A Simple Guide to Using Sound Effects and Music

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I finally figured out how to get them off screen! Now I’m just struggling with other stuff that should probably be easy lol like getting a character to fall but not have the speech bubble show up while they’re falling. The things i’m struggling with seem so stupid and like they should be easy but i’m struggle-bussing so hard right now lol

If you want characters to do animations without them talking, the command is:

@CHARACTER is animation

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thank you! I seriously have been struggling with that for like 5 minutes haha i knew it would be something simple. I guess i’ll be going back through the tutorials before i get too much further into anything.

Feel free to check out my website for guides

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Hi Haley!

I completely understand feeling overwhelmed and even frustrated with learning how to code and direct a story for the first time. When I first started it was difficult, and honestly it just took time for me to figure everything out and become comfortable with how things work. If you have any specific scenes or directing errors you need help with, I’d be more than happy to guide you through it.

I’m currently writing my own episode story right now, but if you are open to having someone help with directing your story I would be open to it! :two_hearts:

Honestly i was in your place not to long ago. I ended up going on you tube and learned most of it from the Joseph evens tutorials. sometimes i still go back to them.

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