New and Overwhelmed (Help!)

Hi all, I’m Jax!

I am absolutely in love with Episode, have been playing it for about a week now, and spend 90% of my day on the app and editing my story “Her Heart Needs Rehab”, which is already six chapters in, but none of them are published yet because I’m still trying to figure out the app and editing from the computer.

I’m extremely overwhelmed, even with the tutorials and everything, and it’s taking me an very long time to figure out everything because I’m not at all used to scripting and coding on the computer, which blew me all tf away once I discovered the Episode website and editing formats, etc, since I’ve been doing everything on my phone.

My questions are:

-Is it better to edit from your phone first and then clean up everything from the computer?

-Why don’t the outfits I create on the computer for my characters show up in the app?

-Why doesn’t the preview feature (when editing from a computer) work?

-How do I change my character’s SCRIPT names instead of just the display names?

-Are there any links specifically that teach you how to use the coding in a way so simple that a ten-year-old can understand?

Any other tips, links, and advice? Thanks so much and I’m so sorry if there are threads/links with these already posted. I’m super overwhelmed and am still getting used to things, and have been browsing the threads the best I can. Thanks so much!


Hi, Jax :smiley: and welcome on Episode :slight_smile:

Coding can be difficult and it takes some time to learn but don’t feel discouraged!

  • I think it’s better to start off on the phone, then edit things on your computer, although once you change some things on the computer you can’t carry on on the phone. Here’s my advice how to still do it.

  • Unfortunately, you can’t use outfits what you’ve made on writers portal on your Mobile Creation.

  • The preview is glitching to a lot of users. Make sure you use Google Chrome when you want to use it. If this won’t work send Support Ticket to the Episode Team HERE

  • You can’t change script names… the only way to do it is to delete a character and make a new one.
    Feel free to support this idea HERE

I’m actually making a simple guide for beginners with my friend! I will let you know when it will be out, for now, you can use our help threads or if you have any question just ask! (You can PM me or post on my thread HERE)

Check also my profile and my Top Topics for all kinds of guides! :slight_smile:


Ohhhhhmygosh thank you so much, I about bust out crying reading this lmao. Thank you so much and yes please to the PM and links; I’ll definitely bookmark your page too. I’ll be glad to read all of the advice you have to offer, again thank you so very much! <3

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Hi there! Thank you again so much for this! And thank you for the extra links and help! This is amazing and so helpful! And thank you for the welcome! <3

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I see you’ve already gotten some help, but I want to recommend Joseph Evan’s tutorials on youtube! They are very well explained and his tutorials were (and still are!) very helpful to me. I promise things will get less confusing :slight_smile:


Omg yaaaas thank you so much! I just checked out Joseph’s tutorials and they are amazing!


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