New animations for sitting or walking?

So…recently there was an animation update which I found awesome! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
But as I write my story, I had some struggles and I realized that we needed more variations of sitting animations.

I would want:

  • sad emotion while someone is sitting and talking
  • crying while sitting
  • Talking in extreme anger on someone while sitting
  • Sitting rear (I really want this!!!)

etc…if you can think of more animations that would make it more convenient, feel free to drop them down below!

I had to cover their legs with an overlay or sth, put a standing animation while placing the character exactly where it was sitting. It was slightly inconvenient for me…

I also think it would be better if there were more animations of walking:

  • holding cup while walking
  • sipping cup while walking
  • talking while holding cup and walking

What do you say? :smile:

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