New Animations: Standing

can all the sitting animations that are only for sitting also into standing ones?

this isn’t the only animation that’s just for sitting and it would be cooler if we had both options because the expression some of them would just look better

EG: react_sit_checkphone_bored


react_checkphone_bored , react_checkphone_bored_rear, talk_checkphone_bored & talk_checkphone_bored_rear

EG: idle_sit_leanback_confused_loop

idle_leanback_confused_loop , idle_leanback_confused_loop_rear , talk_leanback_confused_loop & talk_leanback_confused_loop_rear

something like that :^D


Hey love, for suggestions you need to name your title as ANIMATION: (what you want)


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like that? i’m new to episode forums LOL


Yep, you have to change the title to ANIMATION:

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You would name the title like this:


Also, support!

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