New animations?

does anyone know how to use the new animations? i tried putting them in, but it didnt work. maybe i got the wrong name :thinking:

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There are new animations? :sweat_smile:

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are you talking about the scars

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animations or clothing?

animations. the names i got were shocked_v2 and startled_shocked_v2 but they didnt work when i put them in

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scares ym ?

its on ink. heres a pic of what one of them looks like from another story


They are hidden animations which means you cannot use them in your story.

Wait I thought it was for ink to oof they just burst meh bubble :sweat_smile:

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not even in the previewer ?

Not the web previewer, but you can see them in the app. But you can’t publish your story with them.

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ohh ok. thank you

heyy so i thought i had it but i dont, i tried putting the animation to look at it on the app but it doesnt work. am i doing something wrong ?

The shocked animation is on previewer when creating a char but not on doesn’t show in the script.

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