New Art Group! - Looking for Artists!

Hey ya’ll! I most recently joined, and am an artist. I do many things, like covers, splashes, overlays, and many more. But, amd creating an art shop and group! If you want to join please provide examples! The password is PineApple


do you have any examples??

No I don’t, Mine are
on another device that broke a while ago.

I would love to join as long as the group doesn’t have more than 10 people. I’m really trying to get noticed more for my art so big groups don’t really help me with that :two_hearts:.

Some of my work

I can make covers, edits/pfps, custom poses, splashes, outlines etc. :two_hearts: I struggle a little with males and Limelight art so I’ll mostly want to do ink requests. Most of my work wasn’t loading up.

Of course! You are accepted!

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Tysm :blush::revolving_hearts:

I love pineapple


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Mhm! Is it alright if it’s just us 3?

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I’d like that :blush::purple_heart:

Alright, I’m making the thread now if thats alright!


PineApple! :call_me_hand:t4:
I’d love to join!


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