New Art Group Needs Banners/PFP

Hello everyone!

I am creating a new art group but first I need some banners and and pfp!

I need banners that say…

  • Episode Suave
  • Rules
  • Expectations
  • Examples
  • Our Team
  • Information
  • Updates
  • Request Denied
  • Request Accepted
  • Request Complete

With this background

For the pfp I would like my character looking like she is painting… I am not picky as in what I want I just want something unique


  • Beach Wave Fawn
  • Upturned Feline White
  • Full Round Taupe
  • Elevn
  • Tan
  • Soft Heart
  • Seductive Arch

Thanks in advance

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I recommend happy helpers. Their art is really good

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ok I might check it out :wink:

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Hey I saw ur comment on my topic if u still banners I can urn help oof

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I have done the banners but she still needs pfp @olivia.episode19

Almost done btw

Oof I suck at drawing and I lose interest in things quickly oof I think I’ll stick banners and stuff

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