New Art Insparation Ideas. [Please Read.]

Well hello. :wave: Some of you may or may not know me but either way I am Kylie or my nicknames Bean. :two_hearts:
Recently I thought of something and well welcome to Artist block! I have came across people and or artist who need a spice of ideas for new art, like makeup looks, styles, what to jazz up and create art in to… etc! You name it, so here are some ideas and I hope to see some more shareing and ideas going around so artists can get some well you might have guest it inspiration!

  • Have you ever thought of drawing 4 things at one or ever thought of creating a creature made of 4 diffrent things.
  • What about some abstract art? Or even art made of art out of artistic circles.
  • Why not miss match the colors and give some diversity.
    On another not all you unique not really in to the arts and crafts feel free to say some things you’d like to see more of!

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Okay thanks @Sydney_H

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