New art scene/cover shop

Brief description of what is happening in the scene, people or persons emotions and (if more than one person) what is their relationship: The characters is taking off her mask, and she has mascara running down her face. And the mask has a full face of makeup and looks very happy (if possible to make the mask look doll like)
Reference photo:

How many people, male or female: 1 (Female)
Time era: 2006
Age of people or persons: 20
Setting and location: Any is fine along if it’s give a creepy scary vibe (it’s a thriller story, about they get kidnapped and wake up not remembering who they are, and the kidnapper is a puppeteer)
Theme: Scary/creepy/thriller
Any specific distinctions about people or person e.g: glasses, scar, freckles, tattoos, piercing, mole, is one person much taller or smaller than the other.etc.:
•Freckles Heavy (8-10)
•Floral Tattoo Ink Multicolored
•Stud Jewel Drop
Hair colour and style: Wavy Side Curls (Chestnut Brown)
Skin colour: Copper 04
Eye colour and shape: Deepest Downturned (Dark Hazel)
Face shape: Round Soft
Nose shape: Grecian Soft
Eyebrow shape and colour: Round Medium (Deep Brown)
Mouth shape and colour: Full Heart Pouty (Dark Apricot Gloss)
Full body, half body, just face or anything else:
Clothing, including hats, gloves, shoes, jewellery etc.: Half body


Please include anything else you may think of:
Title: Puppeteer (Color:Red and black)
Author: Sammiee
Font: Anything bold, scary or creepy looking

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Thankyou so much for including those screenshots, makes the process a bit easier :joy: that story sounds awesome! I’m going to have to give it a read when you’re done!

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Thank you! :slight_smile:, I also added a reference photo as well.

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Also, what width and height are you wanting the cover to be?

I don’t know exactly what the height is for a small cover :thinking:, but i’ll check right now

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It’s 640 pixels wide and 1136 pixels tall

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Where is the request form? Or what is the request form?

Here it is

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Can I request a large and small cover?

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Can I request an art scene?
In this, this girl is facing a guy. He is holding out his hand like he’s going to shake it, and she has a cigarette in her hand (not shaking his hand, btw).
It is only them in the art scene.
The time era is 2016ish-2018 (since I remember the trends of those years better than others)
Ages are 17 and 18
Setting/Location is school, but can the background be this:

The time of day should just be regular day/afternoon
Season, I don’t know. Spring? Fall? One of those. Not dramatically looking hot/cold, just normal.
The guy should be taller than the girl, not super tall, but he should have her by a few inches. He should also be a lot bigger than her (like muscular)
Can they just be pictured from the waist up? (Maybe the thighs)
Here’s the girl and guy:

I don’t need this super soon, so you can take your time and do other requests if you want!

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Sounds brilliant! Thanks for the screenshots too :slight_smile:

Yeah sure :slightly_smiling_face: I wasn’t accepting anymore requests atm but I can accept one more person :slightly_smiling_face: if you click on this link it will take you to my thread which has an updated version of the request form on it :slightly_smiling_face: Vhaera Design [now closed for requests, be back soon!]

Also what is the height and width you’re wanting for the art scene? :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you want me to put my request over there instead or do you want me to keep it here?? (I requested awhile ago)

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No problem! If you need anything else I can give it to you!

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Don’t worry I already saved your request along with the pictures :slight_smile: I’m going to make a start on yours and some others today (I started on the first requests at the beginning of the week, I work my way through requests based on first come, first served :slightly_smiling_face:)

Oh ok, take your time :blush::orange_heart:

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hey @VhaeraTartheon do you think you could make me a art scene with my character crying in a bathroom please? I will send you the details you’ll need if you agree! Thanks.