New Art Shop (Sorry My other One Got Unmanageable)

You could have said please yk…
It’s kinda rude to say “you need” something.

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I am really sorry if I said anything wrong I really don’t have any intention to hurt you or to create pressure pls forgive me

I just wanted to say I hope I am able to mention every details if not pls feel free to ask me thats all I have no intention to be rude trust me

I’m not the maker of this thread, I just noticed that you could’ve used your manners when requesting.

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Ill definitely come back to your request but as of now I am full sorry​:confounded::confounded:

Thankyouuu​:sleepy::pray::joy: I do agree it is polite thanks for looking out for me

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I don’t need anything but your examples are AMAZING! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: