New art shop! (The best editors ever)

Hi guys!! So I know this has been like a “trend” lately but it’s actually something my best friend and I had in mind for a while and now we did it! We are looking for background creators to join us, outfit creators and story reviewers as well, we have 2 spots open for editors. If you don’t feel like joining feel free to follow we will open our requests the 15th and trust me we HAVE AMAZING editors! so if you are in need for covers, splashes or edits we are the right guys for you.
Heres the link to our page if you feel like checking it out

Here are examples of our editors

And here’s the form as well!

Remember this is for Instagram :slight_smile:
Look forward to interacting or work with all of you
Thank you!!



I don’t have insta but your guys arework is amazing

Thank you so much!!

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The instant this opens…



Thank you!! Happy to hear that


Just followed your account on IG.
Will definitely request edits!!
Great work😊

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