New Artist, would like feedback


Hi! I’m an aspiring artist, and I would like people’s feedback on my art. I draw as a hobby, and all my art is hand drawn. I can’t draw on a computer to save my life. :joy:. I would like to know what other people think of my art. This is one of like the opening credit things for a story I’m working on.


can you edit episode characters


Like photoshop? Or like draw characters in episode animation poses? Sorry, I’m pretty new to this.


Photoshop or both


what do you use


I can do the photoshop kind of, but not too well. I’d say I’m probably better at drawing them in animation poses, but I’m still a new artist with much to learn.


I don’t really have the software to do photoshop much. For my covers I usually just take a screenshot of the character in the desired pose. I also put it in a background and add titles to it


Do you have an example?


For my covers (which are pretty simple but I’m starting to do my own art) I just use a basic photo editing app


wanna join a art group


This is one of my edited covers. If you’d like to see an example of one of my art covers, I’ll put that if you need.


Would you recommend it? Like, the experience of being in an art group


We make art and have fun and we help people that need help improving in stuff


This is our request thread


That sounds great! I would like to join an art group. Do you have any suggestions?


yes I do I use this amazing overlay app and I use this froth website I can pm you it


That would be wonderful! Thank you so much! So far I’m just not too experienced at things like that and I appreciate it very much!


Your welcome I also use ibispaint x for editing the characters I watch some youtube videos


Do you know any art groups that would be willing to accept people?


I made this using ibis paint x and pixlr