New Artists to the community!


Hi I’m Claire and this is a shared account between my sister and I. Our college friend Taylor told us we should join the Episode community to share our art. If you want to know anything else about us read our bio. She is helping us with Placing our topicso hopefully it’s in the right place. Anyways she is telling us we should do art Scenes for some people’s stories… we have a two of our best examples in those drop down thingys. If you have any feedback or would like to request an art scene please tell us/let us know!
Here are our examples:

My (Claire’s) Examples P1/2

This One Is Incomplete By The Way

This is the Completed version

And if you want art from one of us specifically let us know so we can do it. We might ask for some additional info so we can make your art as quick as possible!

*Our Examples will be put in separate comments as for some reason we can upload all four.


In need of professionally drawn splashes ASAP! Will give shoutout in story!
Claire’s Examples P2/2

Cheyanne’s Examples P1/2

Cheyanne’s Examples P2/2

Sorry about having to have them separate, like I said it won’t let me upload them all at once :confused:


Hi welcome to the art community! I think your doing great so far!


Thank you!